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Reflection on the improvement and promotion of the future domestic printing industry

in the first decade of the 21st century, China's speed and scale have created Chinese miracles again and again. As a printing industry closely related to public life, in this era, the material testing machine is also a material testing machine that integrates the functions of stretching, bending, tightening, shearing, ring stiffness and so on, and has achieved exciting results. Standing at the starting point of the next decade, China's printing industry is also moving towards innovation, with more challenges and opportunities

of course, as a printer, I look forward to the vigorous development of China's printing industry, and practice my internal skills in forward-looking insight, research and development, production and manufacturing, service application, industrial model, management and operation, challenge the world benchmark, and lead the industrial reform

as far as the printing industry is concerned, a lot of things have happened in our industry in the past year. The industry is talking about the industry opportunities in digital printing, inkjet printing, digital printing, green printing, functional printing, cloud printing, IOT, and the impact of Internet and e-reader on the industry. So, what is the state of the whole industry now? How do I go next? Facing the next 10 years, where are the opportunities for innovation and growth in the printing industry

we are standing at a crossroads. This is not only because we happen to be at the turning point of two decades, but also because the external environment and industrial form of the printing industry are changing

let's talk about digitalization first. As one of the most important prerequisites of information technology, digitalization cannot be avoided. In the era of profound external changes, the traditional printing industry will also be transformed, and the innovative power bred by digitalization will continue to emerge

therefore, in the first year of the second decade, the technology with digital as the key word will continue to promote industrial reform in the industry: on the one hand, the printing digital technology represented by CTP technology and color management will improve the production quality of the industry in a wider range and with a more popular attitude; On the other hand, digital printing equipment will be accepted by more and more people. Digital printing equipment realizes the printing service ability at any time, in any quantity, in any place. But at the same time, with the wide application of these devices, the upstream and downstream structure and relationship of the whole industry will also face reshuffle and reconstruction. Of course, this 5. When moving instruments, the process is not achieved overnight

talk about green again. Printing with paper as the main carrier is often condemned by public opinion, which believes that the paper used for information transmission is not green enough and is out of date. However, on the one hand, the recycling system of paper is sound, and the recycling rate is very high; On the other hand, the mainstream production mode of paper has realized the integration of Forest Pulp and paper. For example, Finland, one of the important paper exporting countries in the world, is known as the country of ten thousand lakes. Dense fast-growing forests cover 90% of its territory, and its paper and paperboard exports account for 15% of the total in Europe, ranking second in the world, second only to Germany; Its pulp production ranks first in Europe

Finland's developed forestry does not damage the environment. Instead, adjusting or increasing the sizing block under its base has created its excellent ecology and sustainable green economy. Therefore, we should objectively evaluate whether the printing industry is green or not, do a good job in relevant guidance and publicity, and get to the bottom of the matter, so as not to become a polluting industry attacked by social public opinion for no reason. Of course, the industry should also actively respond to the requirements of the era of environmental protection and green industry, actively undertake the society, participate in industrial upgrading, and enter a new era of high-tech, energy conservation and environmental protection. With the increasing social demand for environmental protection, in the first year of the second decade, the direction of taking green as the keyword will have a deeper impact on the industry in the future development

finally, talk about the industrial model. When the price of printing industry can go up is actually an important proposition for the development of the industry. With the reasonable profit space of the industry, enterprises can have more investment in development, equipment upgrading and transformation ability, and the whole industry can enter the state of benign development. But the problem of wages is not an isolated problem. Behind it is the upgrading of our industry. How to turn from processing to service is driven by the new industrial model created by a series of excellent enterprises, which requires the joint efforts and exploration of our colleagues in the industry. In the new year, I believe that more and more intelligent colleagues in the industry will surprise and enlighten us. After the successful connection,

we expect that in the next 10 years, the printing industry will be comprehensively upgraded in many fields, such as education and talents, science and technology and innovation, mode and environmental protection, from big to strong. In the future, China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute will also continue to be committed to industrial research, scientific research and development, and the dissemination of leading knowledge and information, so as to contribute our strength to support the development of the industry

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