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The party flag leads the war on the epidemic situation -- the high-tech war "epidemic" and electricity protection pioneer action of the state Fujian maintenance company

this newspaper you can't count how many grains it has. Reporter Zeng Dafeng, Yang Tingting, Zheng Zimo, reports

there is an obvious heating phenomenon at the bottom of insulator strings B and C at the 220kV side of this #1 joint transformer. The UAV should be carefully inspected here a few days ago, Lin Tao, a member of the Communist commando team of Fujian maintenance company, holding a long focal infrared thermometer, scanned and photographed the suspension insulator strings on the 220kV side of the #1 combined transformer and the 220kV side of the #3 combined transformer of the 500 kV Jingmen transformer. He pointed to the hot spot in the infrared image and said to Gao Hui, another member of the team who was preparing to operate the UAV to take off. This is the true portrayal of the company's pioneering action to prevent and fight against epidemic diseases and ensure power supply. I am a party member

it is understood that in special periods, according to the unified deployment of the provincial company, the company launched the Communist party service team of Fujian electric power railway army of the state-owned company from peacetime management to wartime management, and quickly organized eight communist party service team (Party member commando) teams to bravely undertake urgent and dangerous tasks such as special patrol and protection of important equipment, elimination of critical defects, and emergency repair of major faults, so as to give full play to the role of vanguard and model

10 minutes later, a deformation machine with no one is the external force P that causes the internal deformation of the sensor. It is buzzing around along the connecting line of the main transformer of the substation. Two operators of the company's power transmission equipment team operate the UAV to conduct a 360 degree inspection of the insulator string at this place. The UAV blade electromechanical has room to shuttle between the insulator string and the conductor, and transmit clear videos and pictures to the ground for maintenance personnel to analyze

it is reported that the 500 kV Jingmen Substation is an important power supply fortress to ensure the production and domestic power consumption in southern Fuzhou, including the designated epidemic treatment institutions and the Fuzhou Binhai New Area. On February 11, after the operation and maintenance personnel of Fujian maintenance company found the serious problem of the heating of several 220kV spacer insulator strings in Jingmen Substation at the first time during the inspection, the Party branch of the company's operation and inspection department gave full play to the role of the Battle Fortress of the war epidemic production headquarters, coordinated the scientific response of all departments at the first time, and the substation center and transmission center responded quickly, urgently checked and diagnosed the heating defects of insulator strings, and coordinated the war epidemic protection of electricity by multiple departments. At the same time, for the first time, combined with the aerial images of UAV, the comprehensive diagnosis of the health of insulator strings is directly carried out by using infrared and ultraviolet, which greatly improves the reliability of live detection and diagnosis

although our Fujian electric maintenance personnel can't treat patients and save people on the front line like medical workers, we will try our best to ensure that defects are found and handled early, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of electric power and the reliable power supply of residents. Xie Peng, another member of the Communist commando team of the company, said firmly

in special periods, our main power also optimizes the operation and maintenance duty mode. The substation personnel take a 7-day off and 14-day off to increase the development momentum to carry out closed duty, and the transmission patrol inspection personnel take a 14-day off and 14-day off to carry out closed duty, so as to minimize the risk of employees, and achieve the right combination of epidemic prevention and control and electrical safety. Lin Feng, deputy chief engineer of the company, said

up to now, one 1000 kV high-voltage AC substation, two 320 kV flexible direct converter stations, 25 500 kV substations and 5866.654 km transmission lines under the jurisdiction of Fujian maintenance company have operated smoothly, and the staff team is stable. The company adheres to the guidance of Party building, gives full play to the fighting fortress of Party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, goes all out to complete the major task of preventing and fighting the epidemic and ensuring power supply, ensures that the epidemic prevention and electricity security of personnel are foolproof, and contributes to resolutely winning the fight against COVID-19 prevention and control

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