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Party building leads a new journey towards high-quality development - Hongta Renheng

release date: Source: Zhuhai Special Zone News

entering the No. 1 papermaking production line of Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd., the huge papermaking machine is running rapidly in the rumble sound, and the pulp is transformed into a white and flawless cardboard after going through multiple processes, cut into rolls, and then packaged into finished products. The whole production process is in order

In August, 1999, 21 years ago, it was the high-grade coated white cardboard produced by this production line that won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award, which is also the only national science and technology progress award won by China's paper industry so far

21 years later, at the critical moment of fighting the epidemic, promoting production and stabilizing the economy - at 5:42 on March 20 this year, the continuous paper time record of No. 1 paper production line was broken again, reaching 546 hours; This production line also set a record of 99.3% operating efficiency in March this year

since the outbreak, Hongta Renheng has ensured production stability and staff safety through a series of comprehensive and comprehensive epidemic prevention and control and production and operation measures. At present, Hongta Renheng is actively responding to the new challenges under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, continuously optimizing the order structure and ensuring the reasonable arrangement of production. All front-line employees work together to ensure safe production and contribute to the economic and social development of Zhuhai

Founded in 1991, Hongta Renheng is a high-end packaging board R & D and production platform under China paper Investment Co., Ltd., a large central paper enterprise. It is also the first paper enterprise in China to produce high-end Coated white cardboard, successfully filling the gap in the domestic white cardboard market

based on high-end packaging markets such as tobacco, food, medicine and cosmetics at home and abroad, Hongta Renheng has brands such as "Hongren", "Hongta", "Hongmei" and "hongsong". It has long provided packaging paper for supporting factories of famous food and catering enterprises such as McDonald's, Master Kong and uni president, and served large pharmaceutical enterprises such as Lunan, Jiangzhong and dyne. At present, Hongta Renheng has 3 production plants and 3 paper mills Build the production line of the third generation semiconductor Innovation Incubation Platform, with an annual production capacity of 600000 tons and a sales volume of 4billion yuan

"in the past 30 years, Hongta Renheng has followed the path of innovation and development of 'daring to eat crabs and be first', and is the pioneer and practitioner of the transformation from made in China to created in China, from Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and from Chinese products to Chinese brands." The head of Hongta Renheng said

with more than 20 years of continuous development, Hongta Renheng has obtained 55 national patents, including 25 invention patents and 30 utility model patents, relying on its technological innovation strength. At the same time, relying on Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center, national high-tech enterprises and other platforms, the company has successfully developed more than 10 new products such as "tobacco fiber white cardboard", which are widely used in catering, medicine, cosmetics and other fields. Among them, the coated white cardboard for tobacco packaging represents the top level of the quality of coated white cardboard in China; Color fiber anti-counterfeiting coated white cardboard and other products can achieve a significant anti-counterfeiting effect of "easy to identify, difficult to copy"; Liquid packaging and food packaging series of white cardboard took the lead in breaking the monopoly of foreign technology

since the occurrence of the COVID-19, the Hongta Renheng Party committee has resolutely implemented the decision-making and deployment of the superior party committee on epidemic prevention and control, United and led the cadres and workers to fight the epidemic, grasp safety, stabilize production, and resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control. Hongta Renheng immediately established the epidemic prevention and control headquarters, refined the prevention and control work and key tasks, and compacted the protection

in order to ensure that customers' orders are delivered on time, Hongta Renheng held several working meetings to combat the epidemic and stabilize production during the Spring Festival. At the hardest time of epidemic prevention and control, front-line workers in the workshop stuck to their posts and worked hard for continuous production; The safety protection personnel gave up the Spring Festival holiday to protect the safety of the whole plant; The purchasing department acted overnight to mobilize raw materials and urgently purchase protective materials; The logistics department worked overtime, contacted and coordinated, and provided support services

during the Spring Festival, the three production lines of Hongta Renheng were not shut down, and the epidemic prevention and control work on the production line is particularly important. Hongta Renheng purchased masks, alcohol, thermometers and other epidemic prevention materials to the production line at the first time. At the same time, it established and improved the health monitoring mechanism of incoming personnel, strictly carried out personnel dynamic management, and timely mastered the dynamic information of all personnel

Hongta Renheng No.3 paper production line (Gaolan factory) has an annual production capacity of 300000 tons, which is the highest among the three production lines, with a total of nearly 500 employees. During the epidemic period, under the guidance of the Seventh Party branch of Hongta Renheng, all Party members and activists of Gaolan factory took positive actions. Some comrades took the initiative to leave their homes and take care of everyone. They turned back on their way home and returned to their jobs; Some comrades take the initiative to measure the temperature of employees at work and report health information; Some comrades took the initiative to order meals for the isolated employees and send the meals to the door of the room... "The epidemic will not go back, the party members will not go back, and the troops will not be withdrawn until they win the full victory". The Seventh Party branch has become the mainstay of the epidemic prevention and control of Gaolan factory

in the face of multiple impacts such as delayed resumption of work of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, sluggish market demand, insufficient logistics capacity and so on, Hongta Renheng insisted on the epidemic prevention and control, and actively responded to production and operation difficulties. In the first quarter, it achieved "and can use the liquid process environment to make a good start". From March to April this year, the total warehousing output of the No. 2 papermaking production line was nearly 40000 tons, with an average daily warehousing output of more than 650 tons, creating a historical record for the production line. In the first quarter of this year, the output of Hongta Renheng white cardboard increased by 38.2% year-on-year; The sales volume increased by 10% year-on-year, both reaching a record high

helping pharmaceutical enterprises fight the epidemic at a critical time shows that central enterprises play a role.

pharmaceutical enterprises are important customers of Hongta Renheng. At the critical moment of fighting against the COVID-19, Hongta Renheng Yong took the mission and went all out to give priority to the production of medical packaging white cardboard, ensure the supply of raw materials for downstream pharmaceutical enterprises and pharmaceutical packaging and printing enterprises, and highlight the responsibility of central enterprises in the face of the epidemic

on February 3, the South China sales area of Hongta Renheng received an order from an enterprise in Guangzhou, requiring resin pouring, and began to urgently purchase packaging paper for the production of anti epidemic drugs. When the order is sent back to the company, the marketing, marketing and other departments work closely together to coordinate the procurement, production and other departments at the first time. In the case of blocked supply of some raw materials, the production of anti epidemic drug packaging paper will be given priority by optimizing the order and arranging the production scientifically. On February 6, Hongta Renheng successfully completed the production of this batch of packaging paper, helping pharmaceutical enterprises fight the epidemic

Hongta Renheng always keeps close contact with upstream and downstream customers. For a period of time after the outbreak, the national logistics transportation was blocked. Hongta Renheng actively communicated and coordinated, adjusted the transportation structure, issued a series of corresponding policies, encouraged carriers to give full play to their professional advantages and enthusiasm, widely increased vehicle sources, and made every effort to ensure that orders were sent to customers quickly and help customers resume production

"there is a symbiotic relationship between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain of division of labor, cooperation and coordinated development. Only when all links of the industrial chain are coordinated to resume production, can the upper and lower links be linked and the cycle be unblocked. As a state-owned enterprise, we should play the role of the main force." The head of Hongta Renheng said

on February 6, the Party committee and trade union of Hongta Renheng issued the "proposal on carrying out love donations to combat the pneumonia epidemic infected by covid-19" to all employees. Party members and comrades took the lead in making donations, and the majority of employees responded positively. A total of 68473.78 love donations were received from employees

on February 11, Hongta Renheng donated 1000 pairs of medical goggles to Zhuhai People's Hospital and 300 pairs of medical goggles to Yiyang County, Luoyang City, Henan Province, where China's paper industry targeted poverty alleviation; On February 20, Hongta Renheng donated 2000 medical masks to Mingzhu police station and Gaolan Port police station respectively. In the face of the huge impact of the COVID-19 on small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, Hongta Renheng conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of its superiors, and reduced the rent of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households renting houses for three months

since the outbreak of the epidemic, Hongta Renheng has always maintained close contact with the territory, conscientiously implemented the prevention and control requirements of the superior and the territory, and built a tight front of joint prevention and control with the territory, adjacent enterprises and customers, so as to contribute to the joint fight against the epidemic prevention and control

as a benchmark enterprise in China's white cardboard industry, Hongta Renheng keeps in mind the mission of the central enterprise and actively performs the society and shows its role while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control and resuming production. In March, Hongta Renheng was selected into the list of national epidemic prevention and control key guarantee enterprises, and Zhuhai Huafeng Paper Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, was selected into the list of local epidemic prevention and control key guarantee enterprises in Guangdong Province

the power of science and technology escorts the continuous development of independent R & D and innovation.

the victory over the epidemic cannot be achieved without the support of science and technology. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Hongta Renheng quickly responded to the national call and invested in the prevention and control of the epidemic with the strength of technological innovation

in February, Hongta Renheng established a wood pulp mask paper research and development team, and successfully developed a wood pulp mask paper that meets the national standard. The mask paper can be used as the isolation filter layer of disposable masks, which is made of porous fiber materials with breathable and adsorption functions. At present, domestic mask paper is mostly made of polymer materials, which is difficult to recycle and degrade. Using wood pulp to make mask paper is not only more environmentally friendly, but also in line with the requirements of sustainable development

affected by the properties of wood pulp fibers, the permeability and mechanical properties of log pulp paper cannot meet the requirements of pure order taking and foot mask paper production. Hongta Renheng improved the thickness, permeability, flexibility and mechanical strength of the wood pulp fiber, and finally successfully made the wood pulp mask paper. After testing, the indicators of Hongta Renheng wood pulp mask paper meet the national standards

"there is more demand than innovation. As a central enterprise, we must do our best to provide high-quality and safe products for the society." Hongta Renheng business management person in charge said. As an important R & D and manufacturing platform for domestic food packaging paper, Hongta Renheng resolutely guards the "safety on the tip of the tongue" of consumers, and has successfully developed a series of safe and sustainable food packaging paper

some academic journals pointed out that oil proof food packaging may be the source of some fluorides in the human body, which may cause some human diseases. For this kind of research, Hongta Renheng improved the manufacturing method of oil proof paper, using food grade environmental protection latex to form a coating surface with oil proof function on the paper through a special process, so as to realize the excellent oil proof performance of the paper without using fluoride. This process, independently developed by Hongta Renheng, is the first fluorine-free oil-proof paper production process in China. It has successfully applied for and obtained 5 invention patents and 1 utility model patent

in order to reduce the use of plastic and achieve environmental friendliness, Hongta Renheng also developed plastic free coated food cardboard, which is currently mainly used in the production of paper cups. Different from the non degradable film coating used in traditional paper cups, the non plastic coated food cardboard developed by Hongta Renheng is made of this kind of cardboard by evenly coating the paper with environmental protection coating with barrier performance in a special way

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