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Help partners and work together for win-win results - in 2009, Advantech automation system integrator alliance plan is in full swing.

the cold winter season has been replaced by the warm spring March. Advantech automation timely pc/abs alloy plastic is also used to manufacture auto parts such as components around the instrument panel, antifreeze plate, door handle, cathode plate, bracket, steering column sheath, upholstery plate, air conditioning system accessories, etc. to launch the system integrator Alliance Plan, Together with Si (solution integrated partner) with experience in the industry, we will build Advantech automation system integrator system, which is bound to expand the scale of solution partners. Advantech is confident to create greater business value and tide over the economic crisis with its industry partners

as a leading manufacturer of industrial automation, Advantech automation has been leading the development trend of the automation industry and promoting the development and progress of the industry with the concept of "open architecture, borderless integration"

26 years ago, Advantech automation has been working with partners to design and produce various innovative products for different vertical markets and provide professional services and technical support. The vertical markets involved include building automation, equipment automation, intelligent transportation, power and energy, environment and equipment monitoring and automatic test equipment

Advantech's comprehensive global certification partner network provides professional, fast and reliable automation solutions and services to customers around the world, creating more value and convenience for customers

"help partners and win-win together", Yanhua automation system integrator recruitment plan, looking forward to your joining

become ACSP (Advantech Certified Solution Partner) Elements of

☆ have industry success stories

☆ have software development ability

☆ have the ability to build PC based automatic control system

☆ have excellent industry expertise and system application and integration experience

Advantech's support for ACSP:

☆ project concessions and price support

☆ industry solution sharing

☆ catalogue design and advertising sharing strategy

☆ jointly participate in the industry.Exhibition

Stop loading at least five times in sections from loading to the destruction of the test piece ☆ jointly hold an industry seminar

☆ technical certification and training in order to apply our knowledge to mixing, design and molding processing

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Advantech automation

Advantech automation was founded in 1983 and is the first business unit of Advantech technology. It is committed to combining the connectivity, flexibility and robustness of products with today's reliable PC based automation technology. The product line includes: open man-machine interface, industrial controller and automation software, embedded fanless industrial computer, industrial i/o card, distributed i/o module, plug-in i/o and industrial communication solutions. With more than 20 years of comprehensive product solutions for different industrial markets, Advantech automation has become a leading global supplier of automation products and services

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