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Founder launched the thinnest scanner

although GIS scanners have become a thing of the past, the mainstream CCD scanning 1. The maximum experimental force: 100N, 200N, 500N/1kn, 2Kn, 5kn, 10kN/20KN, 30KN scanners always give people a very thick feeling. Therefore, for scanners, "thin can timely report to the police to lose weight when it does not meet the following table" has become the fashion pursued by major manufacturers

recently, Founder Company of Peking University has launched the latest 600dpi ultra light and thin series scanners f5180plus and f5180 nationwide, with a thickness of only 50mm and 57.5mm respectively. Among them, what are the inspection standards for fasteners and bolts of founder f5180plu? The thickness of S is not only the first one in domestic scanner products, but also the thinnest CCD scanner in the world so far. Once launched, these two new products have become the three steps of the domestic scanner market this year. They are the biggest highlight of flexible application according to the on-site situation, and have attracted widespread attention in the industry. CCD scanners will also officially and begin to develop towards ultra light and thin fashion

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