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Founder launched A230 intelligent black-and-white laser printer

for small and medium-sized enterprises and home users, choosing a black-and-white laser printer has become a general trend. Its stable performance, easy operation, fast printing speed, moderate price and other advantages have become the main factors for consumers to buy it. With the rapid popularization of printers and the continuous evolution of printing technology, black-and-white laser printers have been further expanded in terms of ultra-high cost performance and meeting consumers' intelligence and ease of use

it is gratifying that some forward-looking domestic manufacturers have made great efforts in the "fool operation" of printers. With its keen sense of user needs, the famous domestic manufacturer Founder Technology recently launched founder A230 intelligent black-and-white laser printer based on the world's leading GDI printing technology. This product inherits the fine tradition of Founder Technology products. Compared with similar products, with its convenient and easy-to-use design concept and fast and exquisite printing effect, it meets the comprehensive needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and household users for black-and-white laser printers

a230 adopts a unique streamline design and a new slimming model design. Its volume is only 387 mm x 249 mm x 283 mm, smaller than many similar products, and its shape is smooth and natural, which can help users save a lot of office space. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, SOHO and other economic ordinary office users. The most important point is that while the shape design of A230 is fashionable, the printing speed is not inferior. The first page is printed in 13 seconds. 16p has made significant improvements to the original product in terms of structure and material, resulting in changes in performance and technical characteristics. The rapid printing of the new measuring appliance PM fully meets your printing needs, saves your work practice and improves work efficiency

a230 as a high-definition printer, the printing effect is outstanding under the high resolution of 1200*1200dpi. Not only the text performance has been extremely delicate, but also the text and image mixed arrangement can also reflect the delicate and delicate printing effect. In addition, the single page output cost is lower than that of similar products, which can effectively reduce the cost for users, improve work efficiency, and solve the problem of black-and-white printing in image performance

the advanced integrated drum powder separation design is adopted, which can realize the separate replacement of toner or imaging unit, effectively avoiding the unnecessary waste of resources caused by the different service life of imaging unit and toner in the integrated design, greatly extending the service life of selenium drum, and making the cost of single page printing cheaper. It is easier to eliminate the paper jam

it has a personalized office printing function, which makes watermark printing, background page printing, zoom printing, folding printing, and book printing a reality, so that you can swim freely in the printing field. In addition, the 123 font library of Founder is free of charge, which saves you from the trouble of monotonous fonts, and enables you to have rich and practical choices in document design, highlighting your work achievements

using the world's popular GDI printing method, founder A230 fully solves the problems of file overflow and insufficient memory error reporting in the printing process. The built-in 8m standard is well-known quasi memory, so that your printing is unimpeded. In addition, with the improvement of exquisite technology, the stability of performance has been further guaranteed

from the advantages of founder A230 intelligent and easy-to-use black-and-white laser, we can see that the emergence of founder A230 will become a new source of power to start the black-and-white laser printing market. As a domestic manufacturer focusing on printing, Founder Technology adheres to the core concept of "bringing technology into thousands of households and making technology more wonderful because of you", and is committed to making corporate printing easier and more convenient for small and medium-sized enterprises and household users with higher quality products and more applicable personalized printing solutions

if the project fails, the launch of Fangzheng A230 black-and-white laser printer this time will surely become the new favorite of small and medium-sized enterprises, SOHO and other economic ordinary office users with its unique intelligent and easy-to-use design concept and its faster printing speed, perfect printing quality and higher cost performance

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