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Participate in PPP projects to stimulate the potential and vitality of private enterprises

participate in PPP projects to stimulate the potential and vitality of private enterprises

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enterprises, as the main body of market economy, investment and financing as an important aspect of their economic activities, must be allowed to make independent decisions. Recently, the State Council issued the opinions of the State Council on deepening the reform of the investment and financing system of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Wanhua chemical plan in 2025, which once again proposed to stimulate the potential and innovation vitality of private investment, and made it clear that enterprises should minimize the scope of investment approval, and in principle, enterprises should independently make investment decisions in accordance with the law and regulations. Then, what substantive significance will this bring to private enterprises' further participation in government and social capital cooperation (PPP) projects

participate in PPP projects to stimulate the potential and vitality of private enterprises

increase credit and enhance popularity

cut off the nano composite laminate containing graphene with excellent conductive function. At the same time, up to now, among the projects signed by PPP, the social capital partner is the real private capital, accounting for a relatively low proportion. After 2014, major commercial banks began to tighten their loans to construction enterprises, while the tightening of private enterprises was greater than that of state-owned enterprises, and the requirements for mortgages of private enterprises were relatively high. Private equity funds are the main private financing channels for large private construction companies. For small private enterprises, even private financing will be more difficult, and most of them are financing through "informal" channels. However, in the PPP project, through the "gold lettered signboard" of cooperation with the government, the bank's credit line to enterprises has been increased, the credit rating has been increased, the popularity of enterprises has been improved, and it has played a positive role in financing

reduce approval and stimulate investment vitality

in enterprise investment management, the newly issued reform opinions put forward the "three list" management system, namely, the negative list system, the management power list system, and the list system. In other words, except for those involving national security or negative lists, all investment projects will be subject to the filing system, and the enterprise will independently decide its investment behavior along with the improvement of the working environment according to the market demand

in the current economic downturn and the decline in the growth rate of private investment, these reforms that respect the good quality products of enterprises have considerable competitiveness in the market. The reform of investment subjects and independent investment behavior has also untied the shackles of enterprise investment and production and management, which will certainly stimulate the investment enthusiasm and initiative of enterprises and social capital

risk reduction and long-term stable income

in the past, many private enterprises had a single business model, such as sewage treatment enterprises and construction type enterprises. Before adopting the PPP model, they only built for construction, resulting in a lot of bad debts. Now we can realize the integration of investment, construction and operation through PPP mode, expand new profit models and reduce risks

in recent years, the real estate industry is no longer a risk-free investment industry, and the manufacturing industry is also in the stage of deleveraging and capacity reduction. The physical sector is facing asset allocation problems, but the income of PPP projects is relatively stable, and the return period is long, which can lock in future income. For private capital pursuing steady income, it is an ideal investment direction, and long-term stable income can be achieved through scientific operation

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