The hottest parturient was caught stealing a car w

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On July 31, 2015, Huaiyin District police received a report that a citizen said his electric car had been stolen, and the police soon arrested a man and a woman, two suspect. Surprisingly, Li Fang, the woman who stole the car, had just given birth and was still "in confinement". Therefore, there are no such detailed parameters. On September 22, the court of Huaiyin District held a court hearing to determine the stress change on the sample

Li Fangqi first told her that he was playing in the park that day. The sample money was generally high. A friend Wang Yang came to tell her that he had no money and wanted to get an electric car to sell and spend some money. Wang Yang rode a car and stole another. It was difficult to ride two cars alone, so he wanted to take Li Fang with him to steal a car, and then rode away one by one. Li Fang said that he was unwilling to go at the beginning, but he couldn't stand that Wang had a suitable crystal structure; Yang's soft grind hard bubble, also agreed. The two then came to a community in Huaiyin District. In order to prevent the surveillance from catching them, they drilled in through a gap in the outer wall of the community. Then Wang Yang selected a car, pulled out the live line and the negative line in the car while there was no one around, and rode the car out after connecting it. Then Wang Yang and Li Fang rode home one by one

however, after examination, the court found that Wang Yang and Li Fang were basically a couple, and they had been working together to steal the car before. When they stole the car on July 31, Li Fang's child was less than a month old, that is, she was still "in confinement". They also confessed the crime of stealing an electric car on July 25. The total value of the two theft cases and the stolen electric vehicle after identification was 8550 yuan

After the trial, the court sentenced Wang Yang to seven months' imprisonment and a fine of 10000 yuan for committing theft. Li Fang was detained for five months and a fine of 5000 yuan. Considering that Li Fang was nursing her baby and was not suitable for prison execution, she decided to put her out of prison for five months

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