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The Third International Forum on new chemical materials (Chengdu) will be held in Chengdu on May 6. Decision makers, scientific research leaders, investors and financiers in the field of new chemical materials at home and abroad will gather to discuss the industrial development of new chemical materials in China

recently, it was learned from the Municipal Economic Commission that after years of development, Chengdu's new chemical materials industry has begun to take advantage of new materials such as high fiber composites, synthetic resins (plastics), silicon materials, rare earth materials and so on. Last year, Chengdu issued the new material industry development plan (2009 ~ 2012), which proposed to vigorously develop the new material industry in the next three years and build an important new material industry base with distinctive characteristics and a certain scale in China. This year, according to the overall deployment of building a modern garden city in the world, the new material industry functional zone located in Xinjin County was identified as a municipal industrial functional zone, and the city's strength was used to vigorously promote the construction and development of the new material industry functional zone. Chengdu strives to achieve sales revenue of nearly 50billion yuan by 2012

pilot base of new materials

settled in Chengdu

data show that in 2009, the city achieved industrial added value of 166.481 billion yuan, an increase of 18.7% year-on-year, of which the added value of industries above designated size was 147.71 billion yuan, an increase of 21.5% year-on-year, ranking first among sub provincial cities in China. Among them, key industries and strategic emerging industries such as electronic information, machinery and automobile, biomedicine, new energy and new materials have achieved rapid development

according to relevant sources, the foundation of Chengdu's new material industry has been preliminarily established. Last year, there were 54 enterprises above the scale of new materials in the city, that is, the wear rate of parts, of which 23 enterprises had a main business income of more than 100 million yuan. The annual main business income of silicon products increased the most, reaching 68.2%, while that of rare earth and other materials products increased by 33%

in 2009, Chengdu focused on promoting 20 major new material projects, with an investment of 5.858 billion yuan. For example, the 250 ton ultra white glass project of universal special glass company was completed and put into operation, the main body of the 1000 ton aramid II project of China Blue Chenguang new material base and the 1500 ton basalt fiber industrialization base of aerospace Tuoxin were completed, the 50 ton aramid III project was started, and the western new material base with an investment of 10 billion yuan by China National Chemical Corporation was accelerated

the unique advantages of scientific research talents make Chengdu a "treasure land" for the development of new material industry - as one of the cities with the most concentrated universities and scientific research institutions in the central and western regions, Chengdu has strong R & D capabilities in polymer materials, new thin-film battery materials, nickel metal hydride battery cathode materials and biomedical materials

according to the introduction, the preparation technology of glass fiber and basalt continuous fiber in Chengdu has reached the international advanced level, and the production capacity ranks among the top in the country. Polyphenylene sulfide resin and fiber preparation technology are leading in the country. Chengdu is an important high-tech industrial base of high-performance fibers in the country. Lanthanide optical glass technology ranks the leading level in China, and its production capacity accounts for nearly 30% of the world. The production technology of bonded NdFeB has reached the international leading level, and its production capacity ranks third in the world. In addition, the Chengdu Institute of organic chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has the domestic advanced research and development capacity of lithium-ion battery materials, and the materials and technologies such as cadmium telluride/cadmium sulfide are the first in China; The product technologies of bone inducing materials, nano hydroxyapatite, titanium apatite coating materials and other products rank in the forefront in China

at present, the new material industry functional zone in Xinjin has established a product R & D incubation center in cooperation with Tianjin University, China National Chemical Corporation will set up a National Key Laboratory for new materials in the new material functional zone, and the new material industry technology research institute established in cooperation with Sichuan University will also start construction in October this year, becoming a pilot base for the new material industry

new material functional area

the bearing capacity formed in August

Chengdu also has a natural advantage in developing new material industry, that is, resource endowment

According to the Municipal Economic Commission, Chengdu and its surrounding areas are rich in resources, and the supply of raw materials is relatively sufficient. For example, Sichuan Province is rich in silicon ore, natural gas and hydropower resources. It is expected that the Chengdu solar grade polysilicon project will form an annual production capacity of 10000 tons in 2012. The reserves of rare earth resources and the output of rare earth products in Sichuan rank second in the country. The province has the world's largest independent tellurium mine, and the Tibet mining industry headquartered in our city controls more than half of the global lithium reserves

around various advantages, there are limited scientific and technological groups. The newly planned Chengdu new material industry functional zone is expected to form a preliminary bearing capacity in August this year. It is reported that 2 Under the condition of environmental safety, the planned area of the new material industry functional area is 33 square kilometers, about 6 square kilometers have been completed, and the construction of a new expansion area of 7 square kilometers is being accelerated

in terms of transportation, the functional area is close to the comprehensive functional area of the international railway logistics hub, 30 kilometers away from the urban area of Chengdu and 15 kilometers away from the Southwest Airlines Airport. There are seven fast tracks such as Chengdu Kunming railway and Chengdu Ya'an (Chengdu Leshan) expressway connecting the urban area of Chengdu

according to the latest progress, the functional area of new materials industry has been equipped with 40000 ton/day industrial sewage treatment plant and 60000 ton/day industrial water plant, and is equipped with 220kV substation, gas distribution station, special service fire station and other infrastructure. At present, 34 enterprises have gathered in the functional area. Closed management and open operation are implemented here, the service agency system and project filing system are fully implemented, and one-stop tracking service and one building office are implemented. It is difficult to think that this is a company that can ldquo; Turn decay into strangeness rdquo; And enjoy the preferential policies of provincial development zones in land use, energy, import and export, taxes and fees

The next two years will be a critical period for Chengdu to become a national first-class new material industry base. According to the newly revised "Chengdu new material industry cluster development plan ()", Chengdu will adhere to the principle of "key breakthroughs, application driven, and industrial supporting", implement the development strategy of "leapfrog, catch-up, and supporting", and develop key, basic, and resource advantageous new materials with the functional area of the new material industry as the core, in accordance with the requirements of "taking the lead, clarifying the key, integrating resources, and intensive cluster" development, For new materials required by national strategies and cutting-edge scientific and technological undertakings, as well as new materials with breakthroughs in technology and large market demand, we should strengthen the technical integration of materials, processes and equipment, pay attention to the recycling and treatment of new material waste, and realize the recyclable development of energy conservation and environmental protection

in terms of high composite fiber, Chengdu will focus on relying on China National Chemical Corporation to promote the aramid fiber project, accelerate the industrialization and scale of aramid III products, and vigorously develop the downstream extension industry of aramid fiber. In terms of silicon materials, we will focus on relying on existing polysilicon projects such as Tianwei silicon and Changsheng energy to further expand the production scale and develop solar grade and electronic grade polysilicon products. In terms of rare earth materials, we will focus on the development of rare earth permanent magnet, luminescence and hydrogen storage projects, while focusing on the introduction of projects focusing on physical processing and back-end processing of new materials, including basalt, glass fiber and other fibers and carbon fiber reinforced composites, ultra white (ultra-thin, lanthanide optical) glass, ceramic materials, catalytic materials, electronic and chemical materials, etc

by 2012, the new material industry in Chengdu will achieve a sales revenue of nearly 50 billion yuan, and the new material industry functional zone will account for more than 50% of the sales revenue of the new material industry in the city, building a new material industry development base with distinctive characteristics, the first in the West and the first-class in the country

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