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Social media: a new channel for customer service

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the influence of social media is becoming more and more powerful. Viral social communication can make a seemingly small thing known in a short time, and finally evolved into a devastating bomb

this is not boasting, but there are real cases. An artist took a United Airlines flight and checked in his $3500 guitar. The guitar was damaged due to improper operation of the baggage service department of the airline. After contacting the customer service of United Airlines, but ultimately fruitless, the artist wrote a song about this experience and put it on YouTube. In just one month, the hit rate of this song exceeded 5million times. Because of this song, the brand image of United Airlines was damaged, and the stock was hit hard. According to time magazine, on the fourth day of the song's launch, United Airlines' share price fell by 10%, causing a huge loss of up to $180million to shareholders

now, many companies have opened official accounts on mainstream social networking sites to let more social users pay attention to their brands and services. These companies hope that people who like their products or services will visit their social networking sites to get product or service information; The company can then enter the social circle of customers based on these customer information. Most mainstream brands with direct customer-oriented products or services have established social networking sites. They regard social media as another supplementary channel besides print media, stations, television and movies. These companies may not see a significant return on investment, but they must do so in order not to be left behind by social trends

however, the company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the general iron and Steel Research Institute, and can it be all right to establish an official website on social media? The guitar incident of United Airlines sounded an alarm for these companies. This event shows that users of social networking sites often do not express their views and emotions about products or services on the company's social networking sites or social pages. This means that using social media is far more than just building social networking sites

According to a survey conducted by IBM, when asked why you are on social media or social networking sites, 70% of users choose to keep in touch with relatives and friends; Only 23% chose to interact with businesses. In fact, more than half (55%) of the surveyed users said they did not deal with businesses through social media. Obviously, for companies with traditional customer service channels (such as contact centers), the addition of social media means the change of customer service mode, so it is particularly necessary to integrate social media into traditional channels

in the past, a company's contact center often had voice, email, chat affected by the rigidity of the whole machine, web and other communication channels. Customers can contact and interact with the company, and the company can grasp the information about user experience, and use this information to guide research and development and marketing. Now, if social networking sites are incorporated into traditional customer communication channels as a supplementary media type, in addition to establishing social platforms, companies also need to actively monitor the public opinion trends about their brands and products on social networking sites. Through monitoring, the company has also become a member of the customer social circle, and is no longer excluded from the circle. In this way, they can identify early warning signals, and quickly take appropriate actions to analyze the development status of plastic extruders to prevent the viral spread of events on social networking sites

companies should pay attention to influential individuals in social media and interact with them directly when necessary. This direct interaction through social networks can also promote the transformation of the company's existing contact center solution infrastructure. However, for companies with traditional contact center channels, integrating social media into customer service is also challenging

first, relevant information needs to be collected. The type of information required should be clearly and in detail, and then the target information can be obtained through keywords or other search content; In addition, we need to identify which social media the information comes from. Nowadays, there are many kinds of social networking sites for consumers to discuss products or services. In addition to the popular Facebook, twitter and Weibo, user communities and forums are also important platforms for collecting information

secondly, the collected information needs to be filtered and analyzed, so that some important relevant information can be revealed from the massive social data. Compared with the limited information resources of the contact center, the original data of social networking stations are vast, and enterprises cannot allocate enough manpower for manual identification, so filtering and analysis are very important

finally, when the relevant information is identified, we should choose to cooperate with the corresponding customer service agencies, because they are more professional in social media interaction. According to the type of social information and the importance of social interaction, agencies can choose to directly contact individuals who actively initiate interaction, or create a work item through the company's CRM system to control social interaction through workflow

in the past 10 years, Huawei has been committed to providing contact center solutions for operators and enterprise customers. Huawei contact center solutions can support traditional methods, such as voice and email, as well as chat and instant messaging. But now, we have realized that the influence of social media has emerged and will continue to develop further. Through social interaction, operators and enterprise customers can make their customers have a better customer experience. Huawei will continue to cultivate social media and improve contact center solutions to catch up with the development of social media

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