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The new cigarette set with China's independent intellectual property rights has been successfully developed.

the new cigarette set with China's independent intellectual property rights, jointly developed by Shenyang Institute of automation and Qingdao Cigarette Factory of Shandong China Tobacco Industry Corporation, has passed the project acceptance recently, and has been officially put into the production of high-end specialty cigarettes. This achievement can greatly meet the needs of the new cigarette coiler with complex cigarette coiling process. At present, Shenyang Institute of automation and Shandong China tobacco industry company have jointly applied for one national invention patent and one utility model patent

the new cigarette machine set was developed by the cigarette machine division of the automation equipment research office of Shenyang Institute of automation and Qingdao Cigarette Factory of Shandong China tobacco industry company, a key industrial enterprise in China. The new cigarette machine set changes the process of rolling the paper through the ink stencil roller used by the previous cigarette equipment in the production process, and replaces the production process of cigarette production by using the paper with special specifications and patterns, that is, the new machine set changes the cigarette production process that the original equipment can only carry out simple stencil printing at the same time of cigarette production, At the same time, i-bus digital measurement and control circuit can effectively avoid food pollution, and the product is a high-tech green anti-counterfeiting cigarette

the new cigarette coiler adopts the latest mechatronic control technology, such as multi axis AC servo drive technology, high-speed digital signal processing technology, PLC technology, computer technology, sensor information fusion technology and bus technology to establish a complex mathematical model and control. The process and control system technology of the unit has created many domestic firsts, which is a domestic leading and international advanced level. Firmly focusing on the goal of building a powerful country in materials, the success of the new coiling machine not only solves the production process and technical problems of users for many years, but also the cigarettes produced by the new machine are not only more beautiful, but also greatly improve the technical content and counterfeiting difficulty of cigarettes. After purchasing a zigzag experimental machine. It is based on the rechargeable insole that I believe you have never heard of the above characteristics. This new unit will have a broader market space and accumulate valuable experience for the further manufacture of electromechanical integration equipment with international advanced level in the future

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