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Caterpillar's new chief Analysis Director: digital technology first

caterpillar's new chief Analysis Director: digital technology first

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"'digital technology first 'mode is no longer limited to technology companies - now it has run through every link of every company designing products, promoting products to customers and providing experience." Said Morgan vawter, Caterpillar's new chief analyst. This is her recent experience. Before joining caterpillar in April 2016, she held senior positions in charge of analysis in some first-class companies and provided analytical consulting for more than 40 Fortune 500 enterprises

Morgan vawte, the new chief analysis director of caterpillar

after becoming the chief analysis director of caterpillar, the relationship between supply and demand in the industry has fundamentally changed. Morgan leads the information analysis team subordinate to the market and digital departments. The team size is small, but it plays an important role in building our vision of enterprise analysis

part of the team's work is to help develop and provide customers with predictable analytical capabilities. These predictive products and services have given caterpillar and our agents a competitive advantage, and Morgan's information analysis team is trying to provide other solutions to keep us ahead

the information analysis team also hopes to lead a culture of "data is better than opinion" within caterpillar. By developing solutions to large-scale, cross departmental business problems and providing analysis resources and tools to business partners, the team is trying to help the entire caterpillar business unit become more data-driven. They also share their expertise with colleagues in other departments. For example, recently, they held an activity called analytics now summit, which attracted the participation of more than 1000 employees

the company has developed a "unique and innovative" technology

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