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Xinhan digital signage promotes the intelligent process of ordering meals

BTO operation mode can provide customers with faster and more convenient products and services. It is based on this meticulous ordering operation mode (BTO) that most small and medium-sized catering enterprises can survive and develop. However, in today's fast-paced and changing business environment, the risk of error rate and inefficiency is higher than ever before

in order to meet these challenges, many BTO businesses began to turn their attention to digital signage systems. The digital signage system supports high-resolution graphics and has standard operation guidance and training videos (SOPs). Through the digital signage network, the broadcast content can be updated in one or more places in real time, which helps employees quickly adapt to the new process, greatly improves work efficiency, and also helps franchisees save costs

in this article, we provide eight advantages about the digital signage system, especially the excellent performance of Intel Atom d2700 processor and Xinhan NDIS 126 digital media player based on this processor

Xinhan NDIS 126 fanless digital media player, based on Intel Atom d2700 processor, runs at 2.13GHZ, integrates Intel GMA 3650 graphics processing function, and supports 4GB DDR3 memory. It supports full hd 1080p video playback, dual display and low power consumption. Rich i/o options, optional VGA and HDMI combination, or two HDMI

digital signage system

a complete digital signage system includes a digital media player that can be remotely managed and one or more display screens. Based on the Internet platform, the system will, store and publish information to digital media players through a separate management center

industrial digital media player is an embedded computer device assembled in a solid rack, with a variety of display screens to choose from, such as LCD, led and plasma display screens (this chapter will not be described in detail)

digital signage system has become increasingly popular in both public and private places. Unlike static light box advertisements, the content of digital signs can be updated at any time, which helps users save time and the cost of printing paper advertisements. The digital signage system can also build an effective communication and publicity bridge between employees, even between employees thousands of miles away

in factories, digital signs are very popular. Clear guiding steps and intuitive sequence diagrams can help workers avoid errors during assembly or find them quickly even if they occur. In chain restaurants, digital signs can accurately provide the production steps and quantity of each dish, as well as the corresponding health tips. In the medical industry, digital signs can clearly show the high-risk treatment process of bacterial infection, such as catheter insertion and replacement

next, there are eight advantages of digital signage

advantage 1: effective communication brings high-quality work

sop (standard operating procedure), that is, the standard operating steps and requirements of an event are described in a unified format to guide and standardize daily work. It is an essential management system for almost all enterprises. Only when the enterprise SOP system is completely and correctly communicated to employees can the quality of work be guaranteed. Therefore, the communication process of SOP, like the SOP itself, becomes particularly important. As people often say, a picture is worth a thousand words, especially in this era of digital media. The current digital signage system can provide the most effective solution for SOP communication. The details include:

clear and concise sequence diagram and text description

flash animation further guides

multimedia applications, such as video

3D animation

interactive training and demonstration

in order to convey SOP most effectively, Enterprises should choose a digital signage system that can support high-definition video playback and powerful image processing functions. This can ensure the accuracy of complex graphics or content, so as to ensure that the enterprise can use sop to deploy the work of each employee, and refine and quantify their work

advantage 2: the preparation work above the double screen victory is a unique feature of the experimental instrument. In many cases, there will be a variety of abnormal conditions on a production line or a variety of problems at a certain stage, which will have a great impact on product production and quality. At this time, it is best to display the operating procedures on two screens. Considering this situation, many digital signage system manufacturers have designed dual screen display (which can display the same content or completely different content)

the digital signage system supports multiple displays, which meets the needs of a variety of applications. For example, it can display multiple steps of an operation process at the same time, and provide an overall sequence diagram or close-up view. Similarly, if there are two employees with the same division of labor, but each needs a display screen, the system will display the same content. Or for a large number of employees to provide the same content at the same time, compared with a single system corresponding to a single display screen, it virtually saves a lot of expenses for the enterprise

the Intel Atom d2700 processor is the best example. It supports dual display and is extremely cost-effective. The processor is configured with a variety of digital display output options, including HDMI and VGA display ports

advantage 3: improved performance but unchanged price

in order to improve the system operation performance and image processing performance, and ensure the price, many digital signage system manufacturers have embedded the most advanced technology in the chip system (SOC), for example, the new Han NDIS 126 digital media player has embedded the Intel Atom d2700 processor in the chip system. The processor has a special media engine, which can support 1080p HD content and Blu ray content playback

intel atom d2700 processor can support a variety of video processing. You can unload the video to a separate graphics processing platform first with only a small power consumption. Moreover, the system integrates Intel 3600/3650 graphics media accelerator and integrated storage controller, which greatly improves its performance and system responsiveness. The graphics processing performance of Intel Atom d2700 processor is twice that of the previous generation platform

what is the secret of such a high cost performance? It is the Intel Atom d2700 processor that makes the graphics processing unit (GPU) no longer needed, making the HD digital signage system more affordable and lower power consumption

advantage 4: return on investment (ROI) is no longer a problem

considering the importance of following BTO operation, only by using SOP of digital signage system can we ensure the concretization of each step, so as to ensure the return on investment (ROI)

through the use of digital signage system, we can reduce production and service costs and provide high return on investment (ROI), the methods are as follows:

through clear charts and instructions, we can reduce the heavy losses caused by errors and accidents

through the most effective way to help employees greatly improve work efficiency

through improving product quality, we can reduce the number of after-sales services, Reduce the return rate

greatly improve the reputation of the enterprise brand by improving products/services and ensuring on-time delivery

save time and cost through step-by-step guidance on an interactive basis

through this kind of work support, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees

with the passage of time, the benefits of the digital signage system will be far greater than the original cost. Such a high return on investment ensures that the BTO operation mode maximizes the benefits, which is also the value of the digital signage system

advantage 5: timely information transmission

in BTO operation mode, SOP is often subject to some changes due to delayed information transmission. Therefore, in order to maintain product quality and service quality, enterprises need a digital signage system that can quickly transfer information to support SOP

based on the Internet platform, it can ensure the consistency of SOP distribution area even when the content is frequently updated. This greatly reduces the error rate in remote management and ensures the unity between employees

it is Intel Atom d2700 processor, especially with Intel NM10 express chipset, which can support high broadband interface and multiple network connections, as well as strong processing ability. It can update and process the information received in the background at the first time, and realize the real-time broadcast of digital signs at the same time

this powerful processing performance is based on the following two factors:

intel atom d2700, as the first Intel Atom processor, is based on 32 nm process technology and operates at 2.13GHZ. Intel Atom d2700 is the first embedded processor in Intel Atom series that breaks through 2.0GHz. This means that the performance and responsiveness of all Intel Atom series processors are significantly improved

using Intel hyper threading technology, Intel Atom d2700 processor greatly improves the performance and responsiveness of the system in a variety of application environments. Intel hyper threading technology can make one core in the processor play a role in the operating system like two cores. In this way, the execution resources available to the operating system are doubled, and the overall performance of the system is greatly improved

of course, the processor is only a part of the digital signage system. Xinhan NDIS 126 digital media player is equipped with LAN and WWAN network connections, which can support remote management at the same place or different places, and realize instant, release and update of information. Compared with traditional paper advertising or light box advertising, digital signage system saves a lot of cumbersome printing process and cost each time, so it has an absolute advantage

advantage 6: the effect of interactive training is obvious

to improve product quality, work efficiency and safety, comprehensive training courses, including SOPs, are an essential part of enterprises. The most effective way of this kind of training is through the digital signage system, combined with the use of interactive technology, such as touch screen, so that employees can learn and interact anytime and anywhere, without the need for special trainers

this indicates that the past era of paper material training has gone forever, and at the same time, it saves costs for enterprises. Based on this interactive training, when facing relatively complex tasks, employees can learn at their own speed, and can test the knowledge learned at the key points of the training. Small and medium-sized enterprises can use the digital signage system to regularly carry out SOP tests on employees, and can also deliver refresher courses to the required areas

to achieve effective training, the digital signage system should provide:

1 Excellent HD animation and video ensure user participation

2 Respond quickly to user input and keep participating

3 A powerful design and management system can quickly establish an effective interactive training

Xinhan NDIS 126 fanless digital media player, based on Intel Atom d2700 processor and configured with a touch screen, fully meets the first two requirements. Such a system is designed for rapid response to user input and full HD video playback

content management software based on Intel Architecture is suitable for a variety of project applications. Xinhan powerdigis V2 software is a good example. Using powerdigis V2 software, you can display information with a touch screen

advantage 7: small size packaging

most BTO businesses have high space requirements, but based on advanced

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