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The task faced by the contact center in 2014: new channel

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CTI Forum () August 18 news (compiler/old Qin): when it comes to planning their own Omni channel contact center - for any company that still wants to develop business, this must be faced - many companies may feel that they are encouraging employees to venture into the market in the dark. It is not difficult to realize multi-channel. The difficulty is that the company does not know whether customers will use them after implementation. Also, if the new channel has a long service life and is not correctly integrated into the main call center platform, don't expect too much from it

therefore, this is some data worth solving to play a strong protective role for the cockpit shell of the sunny power aircraft, so as to determine which customers are the real users when it comes to customer support in today's harsh environment. In a recent blog post, alyse chiariello of contact company published a study from contact Babel, and they made relevant statistical analysis

contact Babel found that for the contact center, there are two high growth areas, one is the online chat function, and the other is the customer-centric mobile application. Chiariello wrote: Seventeen percent of the respondents said that they would achieve at least one of these two high growth in the next year, which also confirmed that the non voice channel business trend of contacting customers is really exploding

customers are getting used to this free online chat method, which is about to emerge from the new round of global technological and industrial revolution. When many customers start the customer support journey on the company's website, online chat means that they can take the initiative to contact the seats without leaving the page. If done well, online chat can allow customers and agents to browse together, resulting in faster problem solving, and even upward sales and cross sales

on the mobile end, most Americans now carry their intelligence with them, and they are increasingly using their and other mobile devices to interact with enterprises. Having a powerful mobile application and providing self-service and agent assistance services at the same time is no longer optional for a company

according to chiariello's blog, there are three directions when investigating the future IT investment of call centers in infrastructure

integration with CRM and IP occupy the first two places, and labor management system ranks third, she wrote

at present, many companies are looking for places to spend money, so as to achieve two purposes, which not only improve efficiency, but also provide a better customer experience. IP, in addition to saving investment, can also allow enterprises to operate remotely. The integration with CRM will bring better customer experience, and human resource management can enable enterprises to give full play to their human resource efficiency

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