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New challenges faced by China's aquatic packaging machinery

China's packaging machinery has made remarkable achievements in recent years. In recent years, China's aquaculture industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for packaging machinery has increased. Marijn Dekkers, CEO of "domestic water", said at a press conference that there are still many deficiencies in the production of packaging machinery compared with developed countries

the main disadvantages are as follows: first, there are many single machines and few complete sets; 2、 There are many main machines and few auxiliary machines; 3、 There are many products with low technology content and few products with high technology, high added value and high productivity; 4、 There are many general models, but few models with special requirements and special material processing. The quality gap of mechanical products is mainly manifested in poor stability and reliability, backward modeling, rough appearance, short service life of basic parts and accessories, and trouble free operation, which also allows enterprises to achieve 100% confidence in the short time. Domestic packaging enterprises are generally small-scale, and the repeated construction is serious

small and scattered is the main feature of China's packaging enterprises at present. 20% of the enterprises have annual sales of millions to 20 million 9 Experimental control parameter identification, the rest is dominated by enterprises less than 1million. The competition in this industry is relatively fierce. Nearly 10% of enterprises change production or close down every year, but another 20 enterprises join this industry, which is extremely unstable. At the same time, there is unfair competition among industries. A large number of mechanical products with low cost, backward process level and low technical content are repeatedly produced, resulting in a great waste of resources, leading to chaos in the packaging market, which seriously restricts the development of the industry

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