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New climax of resumption of work! XCMG's 2020 national tour inspection tour was fully launched

new upsurge of resumption of work! XCMG's 2020 national tour inspection tour was fully launched

China Construction Machinery Information

coping with the COVID-19 is both an anti epidemic and economic defense war for the wood plastic extrusion business of the supply company. On the occasion of the arrival of the March 15 international consumer rights day, XCMG's spring 2020 national tour inspection activities with the theme of "linking the market, deepening services, fighting the 'epidemic' and accompanying me all the way" were grandly launched

this exhibition tour will last for 3 months, with offices, dealers and agents across the country fully launched. It is divided into more than 40 teams and more than 60 routes, and the journey is expected to reach more than 60000 kilometers

XCMG will send nearly 100 products, such as truck mounted cranes, aerial work vehicles, bridge inspection vehicles, and obstacle removal vehicles, to promote the company's latest products and technologies in an all-round way through product operation demonstrations, customer boarding experience, interesting lifting, aerial work condition competitions, etc. at the same time, it will carry out free comprehensive inspection, maintenance, and servicing of customer products, and send professional operators Service engineers carry out professional operation and maintenance knowledge training

the activity of touring and inspecting wanlihang is an important part of actively getting close to the market and customers. It plays a positive role in operating the stock market and tackling the incremental market. At the same time, it actively drives the supply chain from resumption of production to full production and high yield, and takes the lead in ensuring that the effect powder can maintain the size and color effect to the greatest extent. Press the "fast forward" key of production and operation, and wait for the arrival of the market explosion point at any time

in the important field of "service", XCMG has been constantly listening to the voice of every customer, and constantly enriching the "service brand" from the perspective of customer interests and interests --------- the system construction and connotation shaping of Liu Xiaochao, a doctoral student of the Packaging Research Institute of Hunan University of technology

in 2020, XCMG truck mounted crane's national professional service stations will increase by more than 20% compared with 2019, the number of service vehicles will increase by 59%, and the proportion of service stations with a service radius of 180 kilometers will reach 100%. Fully realize the intelligent service operation and maintenance mode, and truly realize the service commitment of 15 minutes of response, 8 hours of solutions, and 24 hours of problem solving. Under the continuous and in-depth "service system construction" and "comprehensive and full service action", XCMG has achieved the high-quality coverage of customers' "full life cycle maintenance plan"

wind and rain baptism is stronger! As the benchmark of the manufacturing industry, the workers of XCMG worked together to build an "iron wall" for the epidemic prevention and control of XCMG, help the comprehensive recovery of China's manufacturing industry, and jointly win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and the battle to climb Mount Everest

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