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New changes are brewing in India's new chemical materials industry

frost Sullivan company of the United States recently released a research report predicting that although it is greatly affected by the financial crisis, India's new chemical materials market will pick up this year. With the rapid development of the automobile, construction, packaging and communication industries, the demand for new chemical materials in the Indian market will increase, which will lead to changes in the industry, and the backward business model of Indian companies will also change

at present, the large chemical companies in India include jubilantorganosys, pidiliteindustries, sudarshanchemicals, Xincheng industries, etc. Due to different business models, there is almost no direct competition between Indian local companies and multinational companies. Local companies in India are dominated by a large number of export OEM enterprises, with cheap labor, relatively little R & D investment, and do not pay much attention to downstream product design and market promotion; Multinational companies have long been guided by the rapidly developing market and domestic demand, taking India as a production base, paying attention to the application development of products, and having strong global R & D and innovation capabilities, but the current R & D investment in India is very 2 The granulator operates less

in the global market of new chemical materials, the major players in the competition are multinational companies, and there are almost no local Indian companies. This is mainly due to the lack of operating capital and R & D investment, and insufficient attention to the export market. Frost Sullivan predicts that with the impact of market globalization, the business model of India's new chemical materials industry is also accelerating the transformation. By 2020, Indian companies will pay more attention to product performance and face specific consumer groups, gradually realize global operation, increase research and development investment, and comprehensively improve their competitiveness. At present, India's automobile industry is rising, and the construction, packaging and communication industries are also developing rapidly, which will promote the reform of India's new chemical materials industry. In addition to being applied to meet the requirements of the modified plastic market for the increasing improvement of packaging quality and quantity, the packaging materials of waste foam granulator

according to the research report, India's new chemical materials industry may have the following two development trends by 2020: one is to use the price advantage to vigorously develop outsourcing services, mainly those traditional industries with low profits, and the merger and reorganization will give enterprises a competitive advantage. As the products of these enterprises have little difference, innovative business models are crucial. Another trend is to develop into a consumer oriented industry that focuses on innovation and targets specific applications and emerging fields. There will be business mergers with specific goals in the industry

in addition, frost Sullivan pointed out that the current global market for new chemical materials is mainly divided into seven markets: Europe, North America, South America, Japan, China, India and the Middle East. The more mature markets are Europe, Japan and North America, which have strong innovation ability, and product research and development is developing in the direction of environmental protection. At the same time, reach regulations further subdivide the market. China, India, South America, the Middle East and other developing markets have sufficient raw material resources and relatively mature industrial centers. They have promising prospects in new energy and biofuels, but they still need to be strengthened in product diversification, quality monitoring and intellectual property protection. Among them, India's new chemical materials market has a low-cost and skilled labor force. With the improvement of the consumption capacity of the domestic middle class in India, the industry has great development potential

the research report also predicts that there are three major trends in the development of the new chemical materials industry in the next decade: focusing on the four plastic machinery enterprises in China in recent years, they have increased their efforts to open up new markets for extruders; Environmental protection of products; Merger and reorganization. Fierce price competition and changing raw material prices make enterprises pay more and more attention to technological progress. The strengthening of consumers' awareness of environmental protection has continuously expanded the development space of environmental protection products. The merger and reorganization of enterprises will help chemical enterprises control the cost of raw materials and optimize the product structure. At present, European and American chemical enterprises are optimistic about the merger prospects of upstream and downstream industries; In the South Asian market, including India, there are many small enterprises with fierce competition, and the situation of industry mergers is not optimistic

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