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From the 60 years of Moutai liquor packaging, see the new changes in packaging

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core tips: [China Packaging News] Guizhou Moutai liquor is often packaged in high-end and exquisite color boxes, which conveys thick and atmospheric characteristics to consumers. In the packaging and printing industry, Moutai liquor packaging I

[China Packaging News] Guizhou Moutai liquor often uses high-end and exquisite color box packaging to convey the characteristics of massiness and atmosphere to consumers. In the packaging and printing industry, Moutai packaging has always been a high profit, and the enterprises that do Moutai packaging are often large enterprises

historical packaging: cotton paper

before the emergence of plastic bags, color boxes and other packaging, Chinese people always wrapped items with cotton paper. The early Kweichow Moutai liquor used a kind of cotton paper to wrap the wine bottle made by Renhuai local ancient method

cotton paper mainly plays three roles: first, cotton paper is soft to prevent wine bottles from cracking; Second, the cotton paper is soft and smooth, and the logo of the protective bottle in 2017 is clear and complete; Third, cotton paper is breathable to help the wine continue to ferment

according to the records of Guizhou Moutai distillery Co., Ltd., the cotton paper packaging of Guizhou Moutai liquor began in 1958 and was completely discontinued in 1987, which has continued for 30 years

In 1976, in order to improve the quality of export products and increase sales, Feitian brand exported Guizhou Moutai liquor unloaded cotton paper and used color box packaging. The color box design of Guizhou Moutai liquor has Chinese characteristics and has been used until now

the shape of the color box is hexahedron, with a heaven and earth cover and a folding structure. The pattern design focuses on the brand and trademark, and makes full use of the expression forms of lines and color blocks to achieve the excellent effect of bright, clean and concise decoration

the color of the color box is used properly. There are rich but not monotonous gaps on the white background, and the black characters are solemn and harmonious. Red is the representative color of festivity, warmth and auspiciousness in China, and golden yellow represents dignity and brilliance. All kinds of colors come down in one continuous line and jointly highlight the national style

Feitian brand was exported to Guizhou Moutai liquor (patent packaging) in 2005.

on April 27th, 2005 and May 25th, 2005, Guizhou Moutai liquor packaging obtained two "design patent certificates" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, with certificate numbers of 444767 and 452175 respectively. The spine device including polyurethane is being tested or used clinically

color box technology

with the development of new technology and new materials in printing and paper industry, the color box of Guizhou Moutai liquor is also constantly improving. It was originally made of cardboard (fabric), thick corrugated board (lining), and plastic film, including outer and inner boxes

however, during transportation, the corrugated inner box and the wine bottle will rub against each other, and the trademark and back sticker will be worn to varying degrees. In 1986, the color box packaging of Guizhou Moutai liquor officially cancelled the inner box, and the lining of the outer box was also replaced with thin corrugated

however, there are also some disadvantages of fine corrugated, such as voids, easy moisture absorption, and moldy color boxes stored for a long time. In the mid-1990s, the process of Maotai color box was improved again. The fabric was 350g/m2 vacuum aluminized cardboard, and the lining was 250G/m2 white board paper. It was printed by concave rotary machine and UV offset press. The practical subject of laser anodized anti-counterfeiting was how to suppress the natural discharge standard

in 2000, Feitian brand and five-star brand Guizhou Moutai liquor

(the box is covered with the anti-counterfeiting trademark of laser anodized aluminum)

new changes in packaging

after October 1, 2018, food packaging, including Guizhou Moutai liquor, will be marked with a new food production license number, that is, "SC" plus 14 Arabic numerals, and the "QS" sign will be officially "retired". On October 15, 2018, Guizhou Maotai liquor import and Export Co., Ltd. issued a notice on upgrading the outer packaging of Maotai liquor for export:

the size of the new packaging color box is larger (235*88*88mm), and two small wine glasses are added as gifts

the words kwichow Moutai are replaced by the English introduction of the product on the front, and the English translation of "excessive drinking is harmful to health" is added on the back

it can be seen that the color box of Guizhou Moutai liquor packaging has undergone changes, and has greatly improved in terms of design aesthetics, materials and so on, and has also spent a lot of effort in anti-counterfeiting. These changes have raised the requirements for packaging and printing enterprises, and further promoted the development level of China's packaging and printing industry

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