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The livelihood project of Jianglu company makes the employees "Cailanzi" prosperous for a good year

the livelihood project of Jianglu company makes the employees "Cailanzi" prosperous for a good year

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recently, another "people's livelihood project" of Jianglu company has been put into operation, and the farmers' market has been transformed into a supermarket, which has been applauded by the majority of employees of the company

the farmer's market of Jianglu company was built in the early 1990s. The site is narrow, the sewer design has shortcomings, and the environmental sanitation is dirty, disordered, poor, wet, fishy, smelly and other problems are more prominent. In addition, the vegetable market has a concentrated flow of people, the manual Rockwell hardness tester of Jinan Shijin is simple to operate, the environment is noisy, and the traffic is blocked. Many factors led to confusion in market management. The Party committee of Jianglu company deeply believes that the latter has become a roadblock to the grass-roots level to reduce production capacity, conduct comparative analysis, find out the problems accurately, thoroughly and realistically, and make a special trip to Youxian County, Yiyang and other places in Hunan Province to learn from the local model farmers' market. After on-the-spot investigation of several new large farmers' markets in the city, it decided that the farmers' market of Jianglu company should be changed into a farmers' supermarket by drawing on the technical experience of its predecessors, Let the environment be as clean, comfortable, safe, convenient and high-quality as a supermarket, with spacious and bright passages, flat and clean floors and standardized arrangement of goods. The new farmers' supermarket covers a total area of 4648 square meters. According to the site utilization rate and the actual operation of the market, 3200 square meters are determined to be upgraded and transformed into six sections. At the same time, a number of market management systems have been improved, the assessment has been implemented at all levels, and the erroneous concepts of "no matter what is collected" and "management by contract" have been resolutely abandoned. After the transformation, the vegetable market has taken on a new look, with 120 stalls in short supply, achieving the effect of "facilitating, benefiting and benefiting the people"

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