The peak of fire power battery scrap is coming, an

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The power battery scrap peak is approaching, and the recycling standard is about to be implemented.

in recent years, with the national promotion of the new energy vehicle industry, the output and ownership of new energy vehicles are rising. What follows is that the power battery will reach a scrap peak of 120000-170000 around 2020. How to deal with the scrap battery is imminent

in fact, considering the development trend and environmental problems of electric vehicles in the future, it will bring a blue ocean of power battery recycling. However, there are still a lot of problems in the actual operation process of power battery recycling, such as weak professionalism, poor safety, non-standard disassembly and so on. The industry urgently needs to be standardized

in this context, gb/t disassembly specification for recycling and reuse of automotive power battery which will increase the friction of pendulum bearing (hereinafter referred to as disassembly specification) and residual energy test for recycling and reuse of automotive power battery (hereinafter referred to as residual energy test) came into being. It is reported that the disassembly specification has been published on May 17, and it is determined that it will be officially implemented on December 1, 2017. The residual energy test has been submitted for approval and is expected to be officially released and implemented in 2018

calculated according to formula (1):

it is understood that after a long time of use, waste power batteries may have loose physical structure and electrolyte leakage, which will bring potential safety hazards to the secondary utilization of waste power batteries. However, the power battery of new energy vehicles has a huge volume and complex structure. Improper disassembly is easy to bring potential safety hazards such as electrolyte leakage, short circuit fire, and even explosion. The disassembly specification sets strict requirements on the safety, operation procedures, storage and management of the recycling of waste power batteries, solves the industrial development problems to a certain extent, and standardizes the recycling, disassembly and installation on the experimental machine, professional technology and power battery recycling system of vehicle power batteries in China

insiders said that the introduction of the disassembly specification has solved the industrial development problems of new energy vehicles to a certain extent. It not only standardizes the recycling and disassembly, professional technology and power battery recycling system of vehicle power batteries in China, and points out the direction for setting standards in the future, but also puts forward the principle of recycling one inspection rod for the technical research and development of new energy vehicle enterprises and battery recycling enterprises. The domestic new energy vehicle battery recycling industry is expected to be on track

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