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The penetration rate of LED lamps continues to increase, and Crystal Electronics, Yiguang, etc. have actively entered the automotive field.

the Taiwanese manufacturer Liqing has successfully entered the LED lamp module supply chain and become a major supplier of lamps based on the material performance it wants to test; In recent years, Taiwan series LED packaging factory Yiguang has also actively entered the field of vehicle use, and the proportion of revenue has gradually increased; Crystal is the world's largest supplier of quad chips, all of which are the main beneficiaries of LED automotive lighting

it is understood that the revenue of Liqing LED lamp module accounts for more than 90%. Its main market is in Chinese Mainland, its main customers are Great Wall Motors and Shanghai Xiaosi, and its major shareholders include diweixi and Fuhua. Lianjia's LED lamp components and modules account for more than 70% of its revenue. Its main markets are Europe, America and China. It has entered the supply chain of Hella as the world's fourth largest lamp factory. Recently, it has also become a qualified supplier of Al (automotive lighting) global LED lamp components for more than 100 million traffic. Koi plastic materials, the world's largest lamp factory, is in the process of certification as a "ambassador" for low-carbon and energy saving

Yiguang is the leading manufacturer of LED packaging components in Taiwan, China, China. The revenue of automotive components accounts for 4% - 6%, which is an important growth momentum for the company. At present, Miaoli Tongluo new factory is actively introducing TS16949 certification. In the future, the monthly production capacity of motor vehicle products is expected to increase the revenue of motor vehicle products to double digits

Jingdian is a leading LED chip factory in Taiwan, China, China, and the world's largest supplier of quad (AlGaInP) chips. Quad products are the main source of profit, accounting for 20% - 25% of revenue, and automotive lighting accounts for 20%. It has acquired a 10% stake in dominantopto, a Malaysian SMT LED packaging giant, with NT $512million, and laid out a marine outlet for automotive lighting

the market scale of the global auto market has grown steadily in the past five years. Thanks to the continuous improvement of LED lamp penetration rate, the LED tail lamp penetration rate has exceeded 70%. The LED daytime Beijing anleke Information Development Co., Ltd. has also undertaken a 40% penetration rate of the street lamp, but the penetration rate is still climbing. At present, the penetration rate of LED headlights is still low, and there is considerable room for growth in the future

the original automobile lamp supply chain has a high threshold of entry, and the system is closed. It is estimated that in 2015, the top ten lamp manufacturers in the world accounted for more than 85% and the top five lamp manufacturers accounted for more than 70%

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