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At present, there are various types of loans in the market, including loans for home housing decoration. For personal consumption loans for decoration purposes provided by China Merchants Bank, the borrower needs to provide a third-party guarantee. What is the application strategy of China Merchants Bank for decoration loans

conditions for the decoration loan application of China Merchants Bank:

1. First of all, the loan applicant needs to be a natural person who is over 18 years old and has full civil capacity, and needs a permanent residence or long-term residence certificate locally

2. The borrower needs to have a stable job and source of income, and the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan. China Merchants Bank generally does not judge its repayment ability only by its income source certificate, but also by many factors, including asset certificate, bank statement, financial statement and tax bill certificate

3. The borrower is required to provide collateral approved by China Merchants Bank or a third-party guarantee institution with sufficient repayment capacity

4. The borrower has signed a decoration contract or agreement with the decoration company

5. For newly purchased residential decoration, it is necessary to be able to provide information such as the purchase and sale contract of the house, or the purchase invoice, as well as the certificate of ownership of the house

6. Meet other requirements of China Merchants Bank

decoration loan application materials of China Merchants Bank

it is understood that China Merchants Bank's personal consumption loan can be used for car purchase, decoration, tourism, study abroad and other purposes. The materials to be submitted for applying for personal consumption loan for decoration are:

1 ID card and marriage certificate

2. House property certificate

3. Proof of address [at least one of them]: bills for water, electricity, gas, telephone or property management

4. Proof of income [at least one of them]: proof of salary/bank statement/income tax bill/social security record/other proof of income

5. Proof of purpose: provide corresponding transaction proof materials




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