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The "2016 first Huajing Home Expo in Liushi, Wenzhou" hosted by Le Qinghua Beijing furniture and Building Materials Management Co., Ltd. came to a perfect end on May 1-2. Famous furniture brands, first-line household appliance brands and major building materials - home decoration "three major items" converge in one hall. Whether you are decorating your new house or changing new clothes for your home, you can find satisfactory products at the Liushi Home Expo

according to the organizer, the Home Expo will last for two days. In order to cater to the May Day holiday and maximize the benefits to consumers, multiple preferential measures are given on site. The on-site bargaining, smashing golden eggs, lottery and other activities made the on-site consumer atmosphere high, and orders continued to increase

"the flow of people on site is so hot that it is comparable to the auto show!" A woman surnamed sun commented on the scene: "the first decoration, after calculating the costs, the expenses are really not small. This time I came here mainly to buy kitchen appliances. No, after a round, I felt that Cohen kitchen appliances were very good, so I bought all the appliances needed in the kitchen, which not only saved money but also worry, and it was worth squeezing."

after listening to Ms. sun's evaluation, the editor specially came to the Cohen appliance exhibition area and asked Mr. Liu's secret of attracting consumers in the Cohen store, President Liu smiled and said, "the secret is actually very simple, that is, good quality and considerate service. After so many years of development, it goes without saying that Cohen's quality, so what we have to do is service, serve every customer well, and put ourselves in their shoes, which we have always insisted on doing."

as the exhibition is held during the holiday, many consumers are busy purchasing and decoration. In just two days, the Home Expo was crowded, and the number of visitors doubled again. The most popular is the on-site lottery, where a long queue is formed in the early afternoon every day, and the on-site awards are waved from time to time

as a one-stop decoration and Procurement Exhibition, Huajing Home Expo always adheres to the concept of "simplifying decoration and procurement", tries to make it beneficial to consumers, and strives to build a "dream home" in the eyes of consumers




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