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With the advent of the Internet era, many traditional industries have ushered in the opportunity of upgrading and transformation. As one of the traditional door and window industries, Zhishang doors and windows, facing the new challenges of the "Internet +" era, has put forward the innovative concept of not only adding but also reducing

since the formulation of the "Internet +" action plan was proposed at the people's Congress in March this year, the concept of "Internet +" has become popular across the country overnight. The concept of "Internet +" is to use the platform of the Internet and information and communication technology to combine the Internet with all walks of life, including traditional industries, and create a new ecosystem in new fields. Since the concept of "Internet +" was put forward, many traditional industries have begun to keep pace, including the traditional door and window industry

"the Internet era is an era of accelerating change and transformation. As a traditional door and window enterprise, it should also actively embrace the Internet and seize the online sales market." Industry experts said that it is understandable that traditional door and window enterprises should use "Internet +" to create competitive advantages in the industry. However, traditional door and window enterprises are different from modern industries. To learn to use the Internet, they must first learn the method of "two minus one plus" according to the current situation of traditional enterprises

production reduction line

one of the biggest pain points faced by the traditional door and window industry in the Internet era is that products cannot be sold. Why? Experts from the door and window Association explained that the fundamental reason is that there are too many product lines, the development is not perfect, and there is a lack of focus for consumers. Why did Xiaomi start to focus only on making a mobile phone product? Because Xiaomi deeply understands that when facing the enemies coming from all directions of the Internet, the lack of focused core products may become the biggest weakness of the enterprise

the same is true of traditional door and window enterprises. If they are placed in traditional channels, the impact may not be great. However, with the "post-80s" and "post-90s" gradually becoming the main consumers in the market, the Internet has become the primary way for young consumers to buy. If door and window enterprises want to seize the online market, they need to reduce a wide range of product lines and create core competitive products. Experts from the door and window association also introduced that only a few enterprises in the traditional door and window industry will focus on one production line to create core products, among which the high-end well-known door and window brand Zhishang door and window is one of the representatives of this few enterprises. It is reported that Zhishang doors and windows is committed to building professional high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the product line is only extended. With the exquisite workmanship and elegant and fashionable appearance, the high-end brand image of Zhishang doors and windows has gradually become popular. When Zhishang doors and windows re used the Internet for publicity, it did not blindly put information into the Internet, but took out its own advantageous products to find differentiation. Through the interpretation of "standard configuration of high-end luxury houses", it finally became the upstart in the industry of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, and perfectly demonstrated the new trend of the industry

reduce channels

"traditional door and window enterprises compete for channel resources and seize more channels, but there are some inefficient and ineffective channels, which occupy enterprise resources and cause a waste of resources." According to the person in charge of Zhishang doors and windows, enterprises should not consider the development channels of the company, but consider the value of the selected channels, optimize them, choose valuable channels for development, and avoid blind expansion

the person in charge of Zhishang doors and windows also said that smart traditional doors and windows enterprises should focus on several main channels and find a path suitable for the combination of enterprises themselves with the Internet, minus those channels that occupy a lot of resources, time costs and human costs. Recently, the concept of Internet + has been hotly discussed, and many enterprises have joined the ranks of the Internet. However, the expansion of Internet channels does not mean that traditional door and window enterprises should blindly be Internet-based, regardless of the situation of enterprises, and implement the "taking doctrine", which is obviously the most undesirable. In terms of channel selection, Zhishang doors and windows has always adhered to the standard of "promoting the brand in the best way". In addition to promoting enterprises on well-known platforms, it also complies with the general trend of mobile and starts to promote mobile terminals such as wechat. Through the mobile social platform, Zhishang doors and windows will closely connect their enterprise information with users' lives, so that target audiences and potential customers can easily, conveniently and timely understand enterprise dynamics

because of the selective selection of operation channels, its brand influence will be maximized and known to people. These achievements have something to do with the promotion strength of enterprises and the precise control of social development trends, but they also better illustrate the importance of channel selection

plus services

with the increasingly transparent competition brought by the Internet, consumers' decision-making dominance is becoming stronger and stronger. Many experts predict that the future business society must be a consumer led society. Therefore, in order to win the favor of consumers, traditional door and window enterprises cannot rely solely on a product, but provide consumers with personalized or one-stop service solutions. Among them, the person in charge of Zhishang also said that service will definitely become the main battlefield for traditional door and window enterprises to compete on the Internet platform. Therefore, Zhishang door and window has formulated a complete set of humanized pre-sales, sales and after-sales service system, such as free design, measurement, installation and other work. In addition, Zhishang doors and windows has also established a sales and service network throughout the country to unify the operation system and service specifications of exclusive stores. At the same time, Zhishang doors and windows also improved the customer service files, strengthened the return visit and tracking of customers, and guaranteed the consumption interests of Zhishang doors and windows customers. According to the survey, the perfect service system of Zhishang doors and windows has been praised by many consumers

conclusion: in today's increasingly fierce competition in the traditional door and window market, exploring another marketing model is bound to become a top priority for the wood door industry. "Internet +" is not only a new word, but also a new field. Whether you add it or not, the Internet is there. Only by embracing the traditional door and window enterprises can they personally experience the great changes it has brought to the enterprise




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