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There are also many blind spots in decoration. It seems to save money, but it actually costs money. If you can't understand, you will have a long-term inexplicable heartache and can't extricate yourself

01. No wonder Tilers are skilled immigrants. Laying tiles is really expensive

the decoration price seems to be rising all the time, but if you are not in front-line contact, it is difficult for you to know what the price has changed. Let's take ceramic tiles as an example to see how the price changes

my first house was decorated in 2007. At that time, the main floor tiles used were 600 large tiles, which were 60 cm square, 80 to 100 flat, and the quality was ordinary polished tiles. Now in 2017, there are basically 800 large floor tiles, that is, 80 cm square, and major brands also have 60~70 flat tiles, which are super cheap, or vitrified tiles. Ten years ago, this kind of brick had to be at least 100 up

in addition, like full glaze, it was not popular 10 years ago. If there was an estimate, it would be more than 300, but now it can be won even if it is more than 100. Microcrystalline stone did exist 10 years ago, which is super expensive. Now Microcrystalline stone can be bought at about 200

10 years, our income has increased several times, but the price of ceramic tiles is much cheaper. This is made in China. The price is cheap and the quantity is sufficient. Everyone likes it

ceramic tiles are cheaper, but is it cheaper to choose ceramic tiles when decorating? This is really not

in 2007, my home was decorated and tiled at 23 yuan/square meter. This year, the price of office decoration we just completed has risen to 70 yuan/square meter, three times that of 10 years ago. The increase of cement and sand is very small. The more than 40 yuan is all labor cost

we saw a news before that Australia allows skilled bricklayers to immigrate. Many people still wonder why bricklayers are so good. Reality slaps in the face. Tilers are so good that they can make a lot of money if they don't go abroad. Although the prices I mentioned are all in Beijing, and it may be cheaper in other places, there is nothing to argue about because of the high labor cost and expensive labor. It is a fact

do you think choosing a cheap ceramic tile will save money? The money for tiling may be more expensive than you buy Bricks

02. Whether to choose ceramic tile or floor, we have to compare the price

ceramic tiles have many colors, strong sense of grade, easy care and long service life, so many people will have a special preference for ceramic tiles

choosing tiles is a freedom. Of course, there is nothing wrong, but the mistake is that many people mistakenly think that the quotation of tiles in the tile shop is the final quotation

for example, the quotation of a brand of ceramic tiles is 69 yuan/square meter, which sounds quite attractive, but in fact, it may cost 169 yuan/square meter when you shop on the ground, doubling the price

as I have said before, laying tiles requires 671 square meters of bricklayer labor, but this is not all. Ceramic tiles are relatively heavy, and it may take hundreds of pieces to go upstairs. You also need to buy baseboard alone. If you want to buy, you need to do pointing and beautiful sewing &hellip& hellip; It is not impossible to spend an extra 100 yuan per square meter after all these are done

therefore, no matter how much you see the quotation of ceramic tiles, add the construction and other costs, so that is the money you actually need to spend

look at the floor again. Is the price of the floor what you see is what you get? Not necessarily

let's talk about paving first. If you directly pave, the labor per square meter is generally 15 to 20 yuan. If you want to make a keel for solid wood, the paving will cost 60 to 70 yuan per square meter

whether the flooring you sell includes pavement or not must be asked clearly. Every place is different. Like Beijing, the quotation of pavement wages is generally included, but some cities do not include it. The pavement fee will be charged separately when the door-to-door construction is carried out. In addition, there are skirting lines, insect prevention drugs, etc., which will also make you pay extra money

but in general, the floor quotation we saw in the building materials city is close to the final price

finally, forget your intuition. When you see that a ceramic tile is quoted at 69 yuan/square meter and a floor is quoted at 99 yuan/square meter, tell me, which one costs less

03. Do you want to save water-proof money? Have you lost your mind

there are two ways to save water intuitively

the first provincial method: the developer has already done it, so there is no need to do it again

the real estate handed over by the developer has indeed been waterproof in theory. However, based on my years of experience, no matter the size of real estate developers, whether you live by yourself or rent, waterproof must be done well by yourself. Don't superstitious that developers will do it for you

I once watched a house for my friend. It was decorated and rented. The water and electricity in the bathroom had not been changed. I also did a closed water test. As a result, I found it downstairs one year later. Many parts of the downstairs wall were damaged, and it took thousands of dollars to solve it

if you want to do water and electricity transformation, the waterproof made by the developer is even more useless, and you should redo it after slotting

the second saving method: select materials and hand them over to the construction team, and bargain more

the construction team makes waterproof, which is quoted by contracting labor and materials, generally 50-80 yuan/square meter

although the waterproof coating material is not expensive, the material cost of 20-30 yuan per square meter can already be bought well, but if you were a construction team, the original price was 60 yuan per square meter, but the owner gave 55 yuan at most. Would you like to earn 5 yuan less or choose a cheaper material? Even if you don't bargain, as long as you don't control the materials, the construction team will find a way to replace you “ Save material money ” Yes

waterproof, don't think about how to use good materials, just want to save more money, the result is likely to be worse than you think

the waterproof made by saving hundreds of yuan may cost you thousands! I'll give you a detailed calculation of this account:

after soaking in water, you will first damage the wall of your home and repair 1000; It may damage the wall of the downstairs and repair it for others, 1000; Dig out the floor tiles and wall tiles of your home, 1000; Waterproof again, 1000; Repaving floor tiles, wall tiles, pointing, etc., 2000&hellip& hellip; It takes money and time

knowing these, do you still want to save money on waterproof

04. What, you just buy paint for wall decoration? The budget must be overspent

many friends who come into contact with decoration for the first time will have the illusion that the wall paint is very cheap, and the wall surface should not cost much &hellip& hellip;

wrong! Walls may cost a lot of money

wall paint really doesn't cost much. Even if you use diatom mud, you can buy it online at 59 yuan/square meter, which is not expensive. But the basic decoration of the wall is not cheap

how expensive is the decoration of the wall foundation? I'll calculate it for you:

1. Shovel the wall. Shovel off the putty or old wall putty made by the original developer, 8-12 yuan/square meter

2. Paste cloth. Used to increase the crack resistance of the wall, 15-30 yuan/square meter

3. Thick leveling. The uneven leveling of the wall after shoveling the wall, 20-40 yuan/square meter

4. Fine leveling. Re apply putty and polish, 15-25 yuan/square meter &hellip& hellip;

it's not time to paint. 100 yuan per square meter has been spent

many people may express dissatisfaction, saying that their walls don't cost that much at all. Indeed, the quotation is different from place to place and from company to company. Big cities are more expensive, while small cities are cheaper. Regular decoration companies are more expensive, while guerrillas are cheaper

but if you just rely on intuition and think that buying paint can solve it, obviously not

there are also tricks to save money:

figure out what situations need to shovel the wall and what situations do not need to shovel the wall. If you really don't have to shovel the wall to redo, you'll save a lot of money. How to judge under what circumstances is it necessary to shovel the wall? As I said before, you can search it. I won't repeat it

05. Are there sockets all over the house? The circuit transformation is in trouble again

during decoration, hard decoration is one-time and cannot be repeated, such as changing electricity. If you add a socket, you add a socket. If not, it's impossible to add another socket after the decoration is finished

because of this mentality of worrying about missing, many people will make major changes to the circuit

it's OK to meet a good renovation company or decoration company. We will make a budget for you in advance and strictly control the cost. But if you come across someone with a black heart (accounting for more than 80%), you will be unlucky

they will try their best to encourage you to do more transformation, so as to avoid insufficient use in the future, and then tell you that the money is calculated according to the actual occurrence, and they will not hack you &hellip& hellip; When you finish calculating the money, you will be silly. The electricity change with a budget of 5000 has become 10000, or even 20000. People will also give you a little measurement and tell you it's all “ Actual occurrence ” Yes

the circuit transformation is 30-50 yuan/meter, which doesn't seem to be much, but the cases of small two houses inadvertently changing 200-400 meters are everywhere. Change the circuit, tens of thousands of yuan, isn't it expensive

circuits are all for electrical appliances. A 55 TV is only 3000 yuan, and a double door refrigerator is only 4000 yuan. In this era of low-cost electrical appliances, the cost of wiring is more expensive than electrical appliances. Is it reasonable

circuit renovation has always been a profitable business for decoration companies “ Big pit ”, All kinds of tricks. We urge you to make a plan for changing electricity in advance, sign a budget contract, and do not undertake more than 10% of the budget

don't blindly increase the switch socket on the wall. Moderate transformation is conducive to life. Believe that future scientific and technological progress will make the fixed socket on the wall not the only choice

06. My designer is very good. He takes me to buy materials every day

when decorating, it's hard to avoid physical and mental fatigue if you are exposed to a lot of materials and processes at once. Therefore, every time the designer takes the initiative to accompany us shopping for building materials and furniture, and explains the comparison to us, it is really warm. But is this the truth

some people take money to do things, and some people take money to do things

I have said more than once that such decoration companies in China are now popular “ Free design ”, It can be called the cancer of the industry

design is free, so what does it depend on to make money? It's not charity, it's not moving China. Free design is actually a gimmick to pull work. The real money is behind it

I have a friend who followed the designer to a tile shop and was reported. The 75% off life and death card that has been negotiated with the store manager cannot be reduced to 20%, and the other 5% is the designer's

designers, if they charged design fees, could have developed well and positively. But now many designers actually do sales. They really can draw pictures, talk about the decoration concept, and accompany you to the store with a warm heart. But the purpose behind all this is to sell things to you

of course, not all designers are like this

one is that they have clearly priced, that is, they charge design fees. They don't recommend materials and don't take you shopping. What they earn is design fees

there is also a designer provided by a decoration company that has made clear the total price and materials. When everything is determined, the designer only provides services, and there is no possibility of making extra money. As we said before, some Internet decoration companies are in this mode

to sum up, the designer who took you to buy materials every day is probably not as good as your intuition

07. It takes 200 to change a faucet? It only costs 20 when you buy it

in the context of made in China, a large number of “ Good quality and low price ” Products. But also because the Chinese market is too tolerant, “ Fake and shoddy ” It has been repeatedly forbidden. Therefore, when a product is cheap, what is Wumart's price





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