The hottest investment prospect of nylon in China

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According to the "China nylon Market Research and investment prospects analysis report (2015 Edition)" released by Limu information consulting, in the past, nylon civilian fibers were mainly used in silk stockings, which was known as "nylon socks" in the past, as well as the manufacture of swimming suits. In recent years, the application fields of electronic appliances with strict requirements on wear resistance, flame retardancy and antistatic property have rapidly expanded to lace underwear, corsets, wedding gowns, sports underwear, sportswear, casual clothing, quick drying clothes, assault jackets, down jackets, outdoor tents, mountaineering bags, etc. In industry, nylon has applied for more than 10000 related patents in the fields of automobile, electronics and electrical appliances, construction, information and new aerospace materials, and its application in aerospace and other fields has also gradually expanded

in the future, with the economic growth, the gradual improvement of consumption level and the expansion of nylon application field, its consumption will increase, and the output will also expand. It is estimated that by 2020, the global output of nylon long and short filaments will exceed 4.4 million tons. China's Nylon market will also have greater demand, especially for medium and high-end nylon fabrics

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