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Application of Rockwell control system in continuous casting machine

1 introduction

ll ControlLogix, as one of the next generation control systems of Allen Bradley, not only has advanced communication and input/output capabilities, but also can provide sequence control, process control, transmission control and motion control at the same time. The modular system of ControlLogix enables users to design, establish and change their application platform more effectively, which greatly saves time and cost and ensures the stable operation of the control system

2 features of Rockwell ControlLogix

(1) the ControlLogix platform provides high-speed data transmission through the backplane, providing a modular control method

(2) any module in the system can be plugged in and out with power without causing damage to the module. Therefore, the faulty module can be replaced while maintaining the operation of the system

(3) controller distributed processing can be realized through Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet and other ways

(4) the number of controllers and communication modules can be increased or reduced as needed, and multiple controllers can be used simultaneously in a rack

(5) it can be applied to various harsh working environments such as large mechanical vibration, high ambient temperature and complex electrical interference

(6) compact structure, suitable for applications where the control is highly decentralized and the space of the distribution board is limited

3 system design

3.1 overview of continuous casting machine control system

the design of continuous casting machine automatic control system adopts the design principle of "three electricity" integration. The public system is independent of each branch, and the failure of any flow system will not affect the production of other flows. The whole automatic control system adopts a basic level automatic control system, which adopts a two-layer control structure: the first layer is composed of PLC, which is a control station adapted to a relatively large tension, to carry out process loop control, sequence and interlocking control of electrical equipment, and data acquisition of production process, etc; The other layer consists of an operation station composed of computers, which centralizes the information collected by the PLC control station, so that the operators can monitor and control the production process and equipment operation status in real time, forming a centralized management and decentralized control automation system

3.2 hardware composition

Rockwell controllogix55m12 is selected for the public system and the controllers of each shunt. The PLC mainframe also includes Ethernet, DeviceNet communication module, digital i/o module and analog i/o module. In order to reduce line laying, the system also adopts remote i/o station, which adopts 1794 flex i/o, and adopts DeviceNet Network communication with PLC master station. Each remote i/o station contains an adapter, several bases and several i/o modules. Each adapter can support up to 8 bases, and can use a flex power supply or any other compatible power supply to power the remote i/o station. The upper operation station, public system PLC and each shunt PLC and touch screen are connected together by Ethernet ring. PanelView touch screen is used for the operation of flame cutting system and blank discharge system. When the signal is normal, the flame cutting system and the blank discharging system are automatically controlled without personnel operation. When the signal is abnormal, the offline operator can intervene through the PanelView touch screen for manual operation to complete the slab cutting and discharging operations. Rockwell frequency converter 1336plus II is used for the transmission of vibration table, tension leveler and other equipment requiring speed regulation, which can be easily connected with PLC by DeviceNet Network without connecting them with i/o module through hard wire. Through the network, it is more conducive to collect the operation signals of these devices and monitor the operation of the devices in time. In addition, this type of frequency converter adopts the latest IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) power module and advanced control algorithm, which can provide stable performance and extraordinary torque at any speed required by the work, so that the motor can operate with low noise and high efficiency. Using the panel type man-machine interface module, it can provide very simple parameter setting and operation with only a few keys, and can realize the programming and operation control of 1336 plus II frequency converter, so as to meet the requirements of entering the curve display page for the application of continuous casting machine. The system structure of the continuous caster control system is shown in the attached figure

structure diagram of continuous casting machine control system

3.3 software system design

3.3.1 lower programming software

the lower control station adopts rslogix 5000 Series programming environment. The software adopts symbolic programming of structure and array, as well as instruction set dedicated to sequence control, motion control, process control and transmission control, which greatly improves the programming and operation efficiency. The control station composed of PLC completes the sequence and logic control of each process equipment or process according to the operation instructions of the continuous casting machine and the signals monitored on site, and collects and sorts out the data of the process and equipment status

at the same time

3.3.2 the upper monitoring configuration software

RSView32 (with rslinx) is selected for the upper operation station. This software is an integrated and modular man-machine interface product. The upper computer centralizes the information collected by the PLC control station and generates real-time data files, trend files, alarm records, etc., so that the operators can monitor and control the production process and equipment operation status in time, forming a centralized management Distributed control automation system. The main contents of the upper computer are as follows:

(1) input and confirmation of management data

(2) the control models of slab section, steel grade and water distribution are downloaded to the PLC control station

(3) monitor the main equipment and process data screens, such as continuous casting production process flow chart, equipment monitoring screens, production process parameters, secondary cooling water control screen, electromagnetic stirring control screen, etc

(4) system alarm

(5) event record

(6) real time and diachronic trend display and recording of main process data

main functions of the equipment engineer station: programming, configuration, generation and maintenance of the application software of the PLC control station

4 Conclusion

the application of Rockwell control system in continuous casting machine since it was put into operation in 2005 for nearly a year, the hardware structure of the control system is reasonable, meets the process requirements, the application software structure is clear, the function is complete, and the operation is good, which basically realizes the automation of continuous casting production

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