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In order to implement the guidelines of Jiangsu Province, it is proposed that new materials refer to the spirit of the new material manufacturing industry conference with excellent performance or special functions. Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Commission of economy and information technology issued the implementation opinions on the cultivation of specialized new products and small scientific and technological giants in Jiangsu Province (), focusing on the cultivation of "invisible champions", Among them, for the first time, 50 enterprises proposed to strive for the national single champion in manufacturing

in promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, like well-known large enterprises, the "single champion" of small and medium-sized enterprises also has strong industry leading ability and international competitiveness. Germany calls these enterprises "invisible champions", and Japan "tiny world top enterprises". The strategy of "invisible champion enterprise" is "focus". For decades, many small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany have only deformed and elongated their samples in tensile experiments. It is not only to study a part within the marking line, but to make only one product, not to pursue expansion, but to strive to become a "unique" enterprise with some kind of world first

according to statistics, last year, the operating income and total profit of the provincial specialized new small giant enterprises increased by 17.1% and 16.6% respectively year-on-year, 8.4 and 5.7 percentage points higher than the provincial average level, and the contribution rate to the growth of the provincial manufacturing industry exceeded 60%. Jiangsu has 120 "single champion" enterprises ranking first in the national market share, 26 enterprises ranking first in the world and 16 enterprises ranking second in the market share. The reaction frame is mainly composed of upper beams, columns, bases, nuts, etc. it has been recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology as one of the leading manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprises and 11 cultivation enterprises in the country

the opinions clearly stated that we should adhere to the combination of government guidance and enterprise subjects, benchmarking guidance and general promotion, traditional industry upgrading and emerging industry cultivation, carrying forward the "craftsman spirit" and improving quality. Through demonstration guidance, policy support and precise services, we should break through a number of key core technologies, and strive to identify 200 provincial-level specialized, special and new products and 150 science and technology small giant enterprises by 2020, 50 demonstration (cultivation) enterprises striving for the national single champion of manufacturing industry

cultivation plans are divided into two categories according to products and enterprises: one is specialized and special new products. Focusing on the manufacturing industry, it is required to focus on specific product segments with high technical content, focusing on core basic parts, advanced basic processes and key basic material products, as well as products in the key areas of the made in China 2025 Jiangsu action plan. The other is small technology giant enterprises. It is mainly aimed at enterprises with strong innovation ability, good growth and excellent benefits, not limited to the manufacturing industry, including new models and new formats, and especially hopes to cultivate "unicorn companies" (start-ups with a valuation of more than US $1billion). Jiangsu will implement the model of provincial, city and county level cultivation, and all regions will determine the local standards and the selected list of equipment lifetime warranty, and formulate key support policies. For the individual champion demonstration enterprises recognized by the state, relevant provincial projects will be rewarded with no more than 1million yuan

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