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The application of samcon touch screen in carding machine

I. Introduction to carding process

the general task of carding process is to make the cotton roll into sliver. Because the quality of carding process directly affects the yarn quality, it is considered to be the "heart" of spinning. The specific tasks are:

1. Carding:

basically separate the bundle and block fibers in the cotton roll into a single fiber state, which is the core of carding process, The degree of separation into single fibers not only affects the quality of sliver, but also is closely related to the elongation of the subsequent process, yarn strength, yarn evenness and yarn breakage rate

2. Impurity removal:

while separating fibers, remove small impurities and defects with fibers or strong adhesion. The impurity removal efficiency of the carding machine can generally reach about 90%. The impurity removal effect of the carding process largely determines the impurity binding and evenness of the yarn

3. mixing:

on the premise of separating into single fibers, the carding machine will fully mix the fibers of different properties and proportions

4. uniform sliver forming:

make uniform and clean carding slivers, called slivers, and place them in the sliver cylinder according to certain rules, so as to facilitate handling and processing of the next process

II. Main hardware and working process of carding machine

1. machine parts and functions:

(1) tin: the function is to complete carding, stripping and transfer

(2) cover plate: coordinate with cylinder carding, and remove impurities and lint

(3) doffer: cooperate with cylinder carding to output the cotton out of the machine

(4) front and rear cover plates and large leakage bottom: including front upper cover plate, front lower cover plate and needle reading door. The front and rear cover plates are made of steel plates, and the upper and lower cover plates are knife shaped. The bottom of the big leak is made of iron sheet, which is divided into front and back sections

(5) man machine interface: the adjustment of process parameters is rapid, and the man-machine interface controls the action management of the whole machine

2. Carding function of cylinder, cover plate and doffer:

(1) features: free carding, fine carding (the needle tooth density is about times higher than that of the licker roll, the fibers are carding in the large arc plane between cylinder and cover plate, and accept the repeated carding of cylinder, which has the function of uniformity and mixing

(2) form and condition of carding function: according to the different configuration of needle teeth on the two needle surfaces, different functions can be generated between needle teeth, which can be divided into: carding function, stripping function and lifting function; The basic conditions of carding function: the two needle masks have a certain density and angle, the two needle masks have a small spacing, and the two needle masks have a certain relative speed

3. action process and influencing factors:

(1) between the cylinder and the take-up roll: the needle teeth are cross configured, and the cylinder speed is greater than the take-up roll speed, so it is the stripping effect. The stripping quality affects the number of neps, and the factors affecting the stripping (transfer) are: the treatment method of the cylinder and the take-up roll table: the linear speed ratio of the motor fault or the frequency converter fault surface. The greater the speed ratio, the more opportunities the cylinder has to grasp fibers, and the better the transfer; The distance between the cylinder and the licker roll. The smaller the distance, the more conducive the fiber is to the cylinder needle tooth grasp, and the better the fiber transfer; Specification of tin and licker roll sawtooth

(2) between the cylinder and the cover plate: continue to loosen into single fibers, remove impurities, remove lint and neps (because V tin>> V cover, the impurities thrown out by the cylinder are deposited on the needle surface of the cover plate and discharged out of the machine), the fiber is positioned longitudinally, and the function property is: the needle teeth are configured in parallel, and because the cylinder speed is greater than the cover speed, it is carding; The factors that affect the carding of cylinder and cover plate are: the higher the speed and diameter of cylinder, the more the number of needle teeth passing through the working area of cylinder and cover plate per unit time, the better the carding effect; The distance between the cylinder and the cover plate, and the creep limit of the metal can be detected by the Jinan gold ring stiffness special experimental machine. The smaller the distance, the stronger the ability of the cylinder and the cover plate needle teeth to grasp the fiber, and the better the carding effect; Needle cloth specification; Carding machine output (sliver sizing or sliver speed); The number of additional carding elements around the cylinder and the rotation direction of the cover plate

(3) between cylinder and doffer: there is a carding function between the two, and the two needle surfaces can grasp the fibers. The fibers grabbed by the cylinder needle surface are combed by the doffer needle surface at the tail end. Through the big bottom leakage and the new fibers brought by the pricking roller, the old and new fibers are mixed, and then combed in the working area of the cylinder cover plate; The front end of the fibers grabbed by the doffer needle is combed by the cylinder to form cotton output, and there are more hook fibers after cotton output

4. Fiber transfer in carding area:

(1) fiber transfer in the working area of the cylinder cover: when the carding machine is turned on, the cylinder cover is a clean needle surface, and the cylinder will bring the fibers stripped from the pricking roller into the working area of the cylinder cover, part of which will be grabbed by the cover, part of which will be handed over to the doffer, and the rest will still be brought back by the cylinder, which will be brought into the working area of the cylinder cover together with the new fibers handed over by the pricking roller for the second time to participate in carding and transfer

(2) doffer transfer rate: the amount of fiber transferred from the cylinder to doffer in a week accounts for the percentage of all fiber on the cylinder needle before transfer. The size of the transfer rate affects the cylinder load and carding quality. When the output is unchanged, when the transfer rate is large, the cylinder load is small, the cylinder has a strong ability to hold fibers, and the carding effect is good; When the cylinder is too large, there are many opportunities to sort out the work area at a time, and the sorting is insufficient. Generally, the transfer rate is 7% - 10%

5. Mixing and uniformity of cylinder, cover plate and doffer:

(1) mixing effect: the mixing effect on the carding machine is the mixing under the single fiber state, and its mixing is much more detailed than that of the opening and cleaning equipment, so it is particularly important to improve the internal quality and appearance quality of the yarn. The reasons for the mixing effect are: the carding and transfer of fibers between the two needle surfaces; The fibers fed at the same time are not output at the same time, and the fibers fed at different times are output at the same time

(2) uniformity effect: the uniformity effect of the carding machine can only improve the unevenness of the short sliver fed into the cotton roll. When the fluctuation of the feeding amount is enough to cause a large change in the needle load of the cylinder and the cover plate, the sliver weight also fluctuates. Therefore, when replacing the cotton roll, use a diagonal lap, and the lap is firm and flat, which can reduce the unevenness of the short sliver caused by the poor lap of the cotton roll. The reasons for the uniform effect are generally as follows: the needle cloth has suction and discharge performance, and the fibers between the cylinder cover plates are transferred repeatedly in the carding process; Doff's cohesion; Cotton sink synthetic strip

6. Impurity removal effect of cover plate:

(1) impurity removal method: impurities on the cover plate are removed in the form of cover plate flowers

(2) impurity removal content: fine impurities, short fibers, seed chips, etc. with strong adhesion to fibers, of which short fibers account for 40%, long fibers account for 50%, and impurities account for 10%

(3) the factors that affect the impurity removal of the cover plate are: the speed of the cover plate, the distance between the front upper cover plate and the cylinder, and the high and low position of the front upper cover plate

7. Monitoring function of man-machine interface:

carding process is an important part of cotton spinning process, and the timely adjustment and monitoring of process parameters is particularly important. It is easy to use man-machine interface for dialogue and operation. The process parameters can be operated by the display screen, and the machine operation status and speed can be displayed from time to time. Taking the SA series touch screen produced by Shenzhen display and control company as an example, a textile machinery factory briefly introduces the monitoring screen and operation of the touch screen:

(1) parameter setting screen: important process parameters such as speed, fixed length, alarm value can be set

(2) operation screen: it can observe the working state of each shift from time to time, and accurately obtain the information of licker speed, strip speed, output and so on

(3) connection control screen of speed monitor 3 hydraulic system: it can monitor the rotation speed of cylinder, doffer, licker roller and the speed of cover plate and sliver

(4) alarm screen: in case of abnormal operation or working state, the event information can be displayed in time

(5) output table screen: the method of supervision and verification is to control the total output of each shift or clear the statistical data according to the force value of the tested section of the material testing machine

the man-machine interface software samdraw, which is independently developed by Shenzhen display and control company, adopts SA series touch screen. This series of touch screen has 262144 color true color display and very high resolution, and can realistically display various pictures. Moreover, the programming of configuration screen is simple and powerful. The two serial interfaces are rs-232/rs-422/rs-485, which supports a variety of optional PLC communication protocols, It can communicate directly with all kinds of PLCs in the market, and can also communicate directly with MCU and frequency converter through Modbus protocol

III. conclusion

the important role of carding process in cotton spinning process is self-evident. We should pay attention to the optimal design of cylinder doffer structure, and adopt AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation motor to achieve the effect of sensitive control, stable rotation and low noise. According to customer feedback, it is equipped with a display and control human-machine interface monitoring system, with rapid adjustment of process parameters, simple operation and timely monitoring, which improves production efficiency and saves personnel costs. (end)

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