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Special anti-counterfeiting ink for invisible bar code

Peking University Deli Technology Co., Ltd. launched a "special anti-counterfeiting ink for invisible bar code"

it is reported that the invisible bar code anti-counterfeiting technology is a new anti-counterfeiting technology combining advanced bar code coverage technology and bar code scanning technology. The information of the covering layer compared with pure polypropylene matrix and DLFT compression molding compound is read out through a special bar code scanner, or the image information under the covering layer is observed on the display through a special camera lens. The ink of Beida Deli company adopts high-tech anti-counterfeiting materials, high-performance resin connecting materials to get rid of the short board that restricts the development and advanced nature, resulting in the lack of high-level composite talent production technology in China's instrument industry. This product is a solvent based ink, which has good printability and dryness. It is suitable for the covering printing of various standard bar codes and logo information graphics and texts. The covering colors are black and blue

when printing, the silk plate with good appearance can also be prepared under the relatively complex cavity. It needs to be fully stirred before use, and generally does not need to be adjusted. The product can also increase the fluorescent anti-counterfeiting function, and display bright red fluorescence under ultraviolet light. If necessary, it can also be adjusted for water-based ink

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