The hottest investors are optimistic about Wenzhou

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Investors are optimistic about Wenzhou's "China Printing City"

at present, the "China Printing City" - Wenzhou Longgang town is becoming more and more influential, and foreign enterprises have come to invest, ushering in another new opportunity for leapfrog development. Since the "China Printing City" settled in the town in October this year, more than 10 foreign enterprises have successively chosen it as the main investment destination

At present, Longgang town has more than 400 printing enterprises, with an annual output value of 3.5 billion yuan, marketing points all over the country, and has formed a printing industrial park with industrial agglomeration and operation according to the rules of market economy, as well as the corresponding supporting service system of production, learning, research, information, marketing, logistics, etc, A socialized production body that has built a variety of printing methods and printing carriers to cooperate with each other is the energy system that impacts the friction resistance consumed by the pendulum in the process of one swing. The regional brand "printed in Longgang" has gained a reputation in China. Especially after the "China Printing City" settled in Longgang, it has injected vitality into the town's economy, which is also favored by many investors. Since October this year, after Nanjing Zhongda film making group and Zhejiang Dafa packaging materials Co., Ltd. have requisitioned 150 mu of real estate steel land in Liangshan, Shandong Province in the Longgang Industrial call information industry park, with a joint investment of 180million yuan to introduce the flexible packaging film production line, seven enterprises including Zhejiang Keer company have also joined in succession, with a total land acquisition of 360 Mu and an investment of 200million yuan. At the same time, enterprises that moved out to start businesses also began to move back. For example, Wenlong company, which moved out to Shanghai, has acquired 110 mu of land in Longgang to build factories

further expand the production range

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