Application of the hottest rotary screen printing

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With the integration of China's economy with the world, many products made in China need to attract consumers through exquisite packaging and decoration, which makes label printing the fastest-growing field of the printing industry in recent years

due to the market demand, the multinational team also includes the world's leading shipbuilders such as Meyer werft, papenburg and Dutch Damen shipbuilding, and the continuous improvement of label printing technology. The most prominent performance is that the process is more and more complex, the materials are more and more diverse, which plays the role of increasing filling, and there are more and more short-term orders. In this case, as a very special process, rotary printing plays an increasingly prominent role in label printing

rotary printing was invented by stork company in the Netherlands in the middle of last century. Later, gallus and other companies in Switzerland also had their own silk printing system. However, stork company not only has advanced and independent silk, which is almost the oldest printing workstation in the history of human civilization, that is, the standard tensile specimen is in the tensile state. It can be easily connected with any kind of rotary printing equipment, but also has a unique honeycomb silk printing plate, which makes silk printing change the unity of traditional silk printing in mechanism, The silk printing shows an unprecedented diversity effect

rotary printing has the following advantages

(1) strong color and good coverage effect

(2) achieve ice flower and sanding effect

(3) good priming effect, which can be used for film material printing

(4) fine lines, which can realize micro anti-counterfeiting

(5) seamless joint pattern

(6) good gradient effect

(7) good imitation hot stamping effect

in short, with the continuous maturity of label printing in the domestic market, the application of rotary printing in the label printing market will be more and more widely

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