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Application of sanch frequency converter S2000 Series in sugar factories

I. overview

in China's sugar industry, frequency converters have been widely used in variable torque loads such as fans and water pumps, and have achieved remarkable energy-saving results. As the important production equipment of sugar factory, the leveler, sugarcane knife machine and press machine have been running at a fixed speed with the traditional control mode. In fact, from the two aspects of production technology and energy saving, the technical transformation of leveling machine, sugarcane knife machine and press machine is not only effective, but also 2 Positioning device: the landing height can be automatically controlled by computer, which greatly improves the efficiency of the enterprise

II. Analysis of production process

as we all know, the squeezing extraction rate is one of the main factors affecting sugar output. If the squeezing extraction rate is increased by 1%, the total recovery rate is increased by about 0.9%. There are many factors affecting the extraction rate, mainly the following reasons:

1. The crushing degree and shape of sugarcane material directly affect the extraction efficiency of the first press. Sugarcane has good crushing degree, and sugarcane juice is easy to press out, which improves the effect

2. When the fiber components in bagasse are pressed and leave the outlet of the press, they expand again. At this time, the pressed fiber will absorb part of the sugarcane juice at the outlet with its own expansion. At the same time, affected by the performance of the machine itself, the sugar in sugarcane cannot be squeezed out completely, which forms the sugar loss in bagasse

3. Effect of bagasse moisture

4. It is an important factor to improve the extraction rate to ensure the uniform thickness of the sugarcane layer transported from the leveler and sugarcane knife machine. If the sugarcane layer is too thick, it will cause incomplete crushing, waste bagasse, and affect the operation of the machine; If the sugarcane layer is too thin, the sugarcane layer cannot be pressed dry, and the moisture content of bagasse is too high, which will affect the extraction rate

5. The wear of the press roll becomes more and more serious with the operation of the machine, resulting in the expansion of the gap between the press rolls, incomplete pressing, and the reduction of the production rate of packaging waste

6. the power supply quality of the power grid is the guarantee of reliable production. The motor power of leveler, sugarcane knife machine and press machine is large, and the instantaneous load is large. The power supply quality of the power grid directly affects the reliability and continuity of the machine

in conclusion, due to the fixed speed of the press, the thickness of the sugarcane layer transported from the leveler and sugarcane knife machine often fails to meet the requirements, which will reduce the average extraction rate of sugarcane juice. The lower the extraction rate, the greater the loss of sugarcane juice, resulting in lower yield. If the speed of the press can be adjusted, when the thickness of the sugarcane layer is not enough, the sugarcane layer can be pressed after the sugarcane layer reaches the normal thickness by reducing the speed of the motor of the press. In this way, the pressing will be more sufficient, and the average extraction rate will be effectively improved. At the same time, due to the reduction of the speed, the purpose of energy saving and power saving can be achieved. Sanch S2000 frequency converter is the best device to solve this problem

III. control scheme

this control scheme has manual/automatic function

full automatic control: according to the analysis of the production process, in order to improve the extraction rate, it is very important to ensure the thickness of the sugarcane layer, that is, to ensure the uniformity of the motor load; In terms of the output electrical signal of the motor, that is to say, the current fluctuation range of the motor should be kept within a small range. The actual current of the motor can be detected by adding a current transmitter as the feedback control signal of the frequency converter, which controls the real-time speed of the motor according to the feedback signal. If the sugarcane layer is too thick and the current of the motor becomes larger, the frequency converter will increase the speed of the motor in a certain proportion, so that the sugarcane layer can be squeezed as soon as possible; If the sugarcane layer is too thin and the current of the motor becomes smaller, the frequency converter will reduce the speed of the motor by a certain proportion, so as to crush the sugarcane layer as thoroughly as possible. In this way, the motor current always fluctuates in a small range, so as to ensure the uniformity of sugarcane layer thickness and help to improve the extraction rate

manual control: when the user needs the U.S. official to argue for manual control, it can be switched through the automatic/manual transfer switch, and the speed can be adjusted according to the user's needs

schematic diagram of variable frequency energy-saving cabinet

IV. characteristics and advantages of sanch S2000 variable frequency energy-saving cabinet

1 Special peak absorption buffer, plus the instantaneous super overload capacity of the frequency converter (150% continuous overload for 1 minute), to ensure the load capacity during peak load It can not only suppress the influence of harmonics on the power grid, but also suppress the impact of power grid surge voltage on the rectifier bridge of the frequency converter

2. High reliability. Taiwan quality, selected from high-end devices in Europe, America and Japan, ensures that it is safe under various adverse conditions of high temperature and humidity

3. Localization service, available 24 hours a day, and all kinds of spare parts are complete

4. Vector control ensures more energy saving and higher control accuracy

5. The frequency converter implements soft start and soft stop for the motor, which avoids the transient voltage drop caused by the large dynamic current on the power grid when the high-power motor starts, and also avoids the impact on the, and prolongs the service life of the motor

6. because the middle DC circuit of the frequency converter has a large capacitance as an energy storage element, it can improve the power factor at the grid side and improve the quality of the power grid

7. the frequency converter has perfect protection functions, including over-current, over-voltage and under voltage. We can design different fixtures, phase loss, overload, overheating, etc. according to different samples and experimental methods, ensuring the reliability of production and the stable operation of the equipment

8. the extraction rate of sugarcane juice is improved, that is, the sugar yield of each pressing season is increased, and the economic benefits of the enterprise are greatly improved

9. power frequency/frequency conversion switching function. Sanch frequency conversion cabinet has perfect power frequency/frequency conversion switching function. Under special circumstances, in case of frequency converter failure, it can be switched to power frequency operation without affecting normal work

10. Save electric energy, reduce energy consumption, and save production costs

once the NCH frequency conversion cabinet is installed and debugged, it will automatically run after being powered on. The operation mode of the frequency conversion cabinet is the same as that before the transformation, and the operators do not need to be retrained

12. The system has manual/automatic switching function

IV. benefit analysis after transformation

transformation unit: Guangxi XX Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.

1. power saving: calculated at a conservative 33%:

power saving per pressing season (100 days):

1300kw/h × 30% × 24 hours × 100 days × 0.7 yuan =655000

2. Increase of extraction rate: according to the calculation, the average extraction rate can be increased by more than 0.3%, and now it is conservatively estimated that the extraction rate can be increased by 0.15%. According to the annual pressing of 150000 tons of sugarcane, the sugar content is 12.5%, and the boiling yield is 86%. Calculation: more sugar is produced in each pressing season:

150000 tons x 12.5% x 0.15% x 86% =24.2 tons; 0 calculated by 4000 yuan/ton of sugar:

24.2 tons x 4000 yuan/ton = 96800 yuan; I.e. output

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