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Investment in ecological construction and environmental protection on July 5, Wang Wanbin, deputy director of the State Economic and Trade Commission, attended the national environmental protection industry work conference and pointed out that in the next five years, China will invest more than 700 billion yuan in ecological construction and environmental protection, which is expected to drive the total output value of China's environmental protection industry to grow rapidly at an average annual rate of about 15%. The Tenth Five Year Plan for ecological construction and environmental protection formulated by the state will provide huge market demand for the development of the environmental protection industry

Wang Wanbin pointed out that according to the requirements of the sustainable development strategy, the basic objectives of China's environmental protection during the Tenth Five Year Plan period are: by 2005, the total discharge of major pollutants in the country will be reduced by 10% compared with last year, the discharge of sulfur dioxide in the "two control areas" will be reduced by 20% compared with last year, and the centralized treatment rate of urban sewage will reach 45%; The state of environmental pollution in most areas has realized the technological upgrading of experimental machines, and the environmental quality of key cities and regions has been improved; Drinking water sources have been effectively protected, the trend of overexploitation and pollution deterioration of urban groundwater has been preliminarily controlled, and the aggravating trend of pollution caused by rural chemical fertilizers, pesticides and livestock and poultry breeding has slowed down; The trend of ecological deterioration has been curbed

driven by the environmental protection strategy, it is estimated that by 2005, the total output value of China's environmental protection industry will reach 20 × steel hammer: excellent carbon structural steel 0 billion yuan, of which the output value of environmental protection equipment is 55 billion yuan, accounting for 27.5%; The output value of comprehensive utilization of resources is 95billion yuan, accounting for 47.5%; The output value of environmental services is 50 billion yuan, accounting for 25%. At that time, the environmental protection industry will become another emerging economic growth point in China

wangwanbin introduced that during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, the country will research and develop a number of environmental protection technologies and products with international advanced level and independent intellectual property rights; Promote and apply a number of advanced and mature technologies and knowledge; Thermal insulation materials have become leveling materials to consolidate and improve a number of environmental protection technologies and products that have certain comparative advantages and are the main equipment for the inspection of construction engineering materials in China, and the market demand is large; A number of technologies, processes and products with unreasonable design, backward performance, high consumption and low efficiency, and oversupply in the market will be eliminated according to law. By 2005, 3-5 large enterprise groups with international competitiveness will be formed, and they will become the leading enterprises in the environmental protection industry. At the same time, several backbone enterprises will be formed in various fields of the environmental protection industry

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