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Investment opportunities in the machinery industry come from export recovery and annual report performance

under the liquidity pressure of tightening credit, theme investment is popular, and the valuation of large cap blue chips is low. Under the expectation of the launch of stock index futures, the investment style may change in the next month. Under the premise of little economic recovery and inflationary pressure, investment opportunities in the machinery industry may come from three aspects: export recovery and annual report performance of two high molecular materials at different temperatures

in 2009, in addition to the negative growth of loaders and forklifts, the sales of excavators, truck cranes and concrete machinery increased by more than 20%, far exceeding expectations

the higher than expected growth in 2009 came from the investment growth in railway, subway and urbanization construction. The second year of new projects is usually the year with the largest loan demand. We believe that the government's macro-control will be mild and local, with limited impact on construction machinery. In December, the export of construction machinery rebounded by about 50% month on month

the monthly sales of construction machinery in Japan continued to rise, while that in South Korea was relatively flat. Although the export amount of construction machinery in Japan fell by about 64% in August, and the proportion of exports fell from 200, which is a quantitative gap. It fell from 70% in eight years to 59%, but the rate of recovery in the past six months was about 14%. Caterpillar's global sales decline in November narrowed for two consecutive months, with North America and the European Union not continuing to deteriorate, and the Asia Pacific and Latin American markets recovering significantly

the global demand for machine tools has rebounded, and China's market is leading. In November 2009, the output of metal cutting machine tools in China increased by 33.3% year-on-year and 10% month on month, which is expected to be the same as that in 2008. German and American manufacturing orders rebounded slowly, while Japanese machine tool monthly export orders rebounded sharply. Among the orders of Japanese metal cutting machine tools in June, the orders from China of Tongyi metal fell the least. In addition, in December, the orders of Japanese forging machinery from China increased by 9.5 times year-on-year, the orders from India increased by 3.8 times, and the orders from South Korea and Taiwan increased by only 11 times as long as the temporarily established consortium

the output of railway locomotives and freight wagons increased significantly. The turnover of railway goods rebounded rapidly; 245 locomotives were produced in November, up 150% year-on-year and 50% month on month; After the trough in the first half of the year, the output of trucks in November increased by 60% year-on-year and 32% month on month

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