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AI is becoming more and more popular. It is these three types of companies that make big money. Figure: intelligent robots are communicating with customers. China news service, photographed by Tang Yanjun

American media said that every major wave of technology waves will produce several very valuable technology companies, and some market capitalization will even reach hundreds of billions of dollars, which is the reason for this phenomenon. However, at the beginning of this wave, it is usually difficult to judge who will become the "big winner"

according to fortune Chinese on November 4, however, as long as you have studied the history of science and technology, you will find that when these technological waves hit, there are two types of companies whose value and income grow fastest: one is companies that produce underlying systems and semiconductor hardware, and the other is companies that produce terminal software or applications

for example, in the PC era, the most valuable and profitable "big winners" are Intel, which specializes in semiconductors, and Microsoft, which specializes in vertical applications (semiconductors are computer chips, and vertical applications are software designed for specific purposes). In the mobile era, the big winners in semiconductor and hardware are Qualcomm and arm, and the big winners in vertical applications are Uber, WhatsApp and instagram, all of which have a market value of tens of billions of dollars. Other technology waves have also spawned their own trendsetters, such as Broadcom in the Internet field and NVIDIA in the game field

the report believes that now, a new wave of science and technology is sweeping the world, which is machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is similar to the previous technology wave, and will also spawn a number of new "big winners" in the vertical application field of semiconductors and end users

now, in terms of AI technology, NVIDIA is the number one player in the semiconductor field, and its graphics processing chip has been widely adopted by the AI community. However, NVIDIA's chips are not specifically optimized for AI applications. In addition to NVIDIA, companies such as cerebras, graphcore and groq are also working in this field, which is expected to open up a new market segment

the report said, however, just as Intel has made limited achievements in the mobile field, NVIDIA may also miss this new market trend, After all, its existing chip architecture "is for other purposes (such as video games and other graphics processing functions) Optimized. From historical experience, this market segment is bound to have a start-up company with a market value of billions of dollars. From the perspective of venture capital, compared with the development prospect of artificial intelligence, the investment in this field is still relatively insufficient

in software, there are bound to be several "big winners" in vertical application fields. Although there are some "horizontal" companies trying to build general AI solutions, they are unlikely to succeed in the short-term market. Companies that are most likely to succeed in the short term are those that target specific end-user application scenarios

it is reported that there are likely to be three types of "big winners" in the application field:

first, some Internet giants with massive data are likely to become industry leaders. For example, companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and apple have deployed their own AI programs on a large scale for advertising location, search and speech recognition. These technology giants are far ahead in the field of artificial intelligence. In addition, they also have a large amount of proprietary data, which is bound to bring valuable applications to users

secondly, at present, some new vertical application start-ups are also emerging. Many companies are using artificial intelligence technology to develop new applications in different markets, such as cruise and waymo in the field of unmanned cars, samsara in the field of freight logistics, color genomics and Athelas in the field of medical treatment, afirm and stripe in the field of financial technology, and so on. The products developed by many companies have been significantly better than the current mainstream products, because artificial intelligence is the core feature of these products

third, some traditional enterprises in non technology fields may use AI technology to release their data potential, and these companies are also very noteworthy. Large companies of various enterprises are sitting on massive amounts of data. For example, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Group has a huge business in the field of real estate and hotels. If safety protection devices such as artificial intelligence technology are divided into two categories to tap the potential of these data, it will certainly be more beneficial to the company in many aspects, such as pricing, credit inspection, rental business after too long-term development. Similarly, enterprises such as visa, MasterCard and American Express also have a large amount of data, which can be used for e-commerce, credit and other purposes

it is reported that it is conceivable that if enterprises can make reasonable use of these data, it will not be difficult to generate new revenue streams. This is likely to produce a new private equity model, that is, private institutions or large venture capital companies buy out some traditional companies just to use their data for new purposes

in short, like the previous waves of technology, the real value of AI should also be concentrated in two types of Companies: companies that do underlying hardware systems and semiconductors, and companies that do vertical applications of AI. This integration is likely to cause a chain reaction in the entire technology industry. It is estimated that in the near future, private investors will double their bets on companies that do semiconductor and AI vertical applications. At the same time, some private equity companies will also target traditional enterprises with a large amount of data

the report believes that there may not be many "big winners" in the AI industry, and those who really capture this business opportunity will achieve significant profits

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