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On September 17, the market dynamics of styrene butadiene rubber in Shanghai Tianjin market

Business News Agency on September 17 - the market of styrene butadiene rubber in Shanghai is still stable. At present, the quotation of rosin styrene butadiene 1502 is mostly 206. At present, the profit margin of the coal and steel industry is still below the industrial average level. 0 plastic is its branch yuan/ton, and the quotation of oil filled styrene butadiene 1712 is yuan/ton. At present, the manufacturer's price policy is still unclear. In order to avoid causing losses, the industry said it would cautiously follow the decline

the market trend of styrene butadiene rubber in Tianjin was stable and fell. At present, the quotation of rosin butadiene benzene 1502 in the local market is yuan/ton, and oil filled butadiene benzene 1712 is about 18000 yuan/ton. Most of the operators are on the sidelines

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