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Sensor development issues and priorities in 2012

the technology and products of sensors in China have been greatly improved through development. There are more than 1600 enterprises and institutions engaged in the research, development and production of sensors across the country. However, compared with foreign countries, the variety and quality level of sensor products in China can not meet the needs of domestic cities. Special attention should be paid here to inspect the specific location of the fracture when the bolt breaks. The overall level is still at the level of foreign countries in the early 1990s. The main problems are:

(1) poor scientific and technological innovation, core manufacturing technology seriously lags behind foreign countries, few products with independent intellectual property rights, incomplete varieties, and the product technology level is about 15 years behind that of foreign countries

(2) the investment intensity is low, the scientific research equipment and production process equipment are backward, the achievement level is low, and the product quality is poor

(3) science and technology are divorced from production, which affects the transformation of scientific research achievements. The comprehensive strength is low, and the industrial development momentum is insufficient

strategic objectives

by 2012, the sensor field should strive to achieve three strategic objectives:

-- develop original technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights with industrial control, automobile, communication and environmental protection as the key service areas and sensors, elastic components, optical components and special circuits as the key objects

--- based on MEMS technology and relying on integrated, intelligent and networking technology, strengthen the development of manufacturing technology and new sensors and instrument components, so that the leading products can reach and approach the advanced level of similar foreign products

--- take increasing varieties, improving quality and economic benefits as the main goals, accelerate industrialization, and make the variety share of domestic sensors reach 70%~80%, and high-end products reach more than 60%

sensor development focus in 2012

sensor technology

(1) MEMS process and a new generation of solid-state sensor microstructure manufacturing process: deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process or IGP process; Packaging process: such as normal temperature bonding flip chip welding, stress-free thin structure packaging, multi chip assembly process; New sensors: such as micro silicon capacitance sensor, micro silicon mass flow sensor, aerospace dynamic sensor, micro sensor shape and size divider, pressure and acceleration sensor for automobile, micro chemical sensor for environmental protection, etc

(2) integrated process and multivariable composite sensor microstructure integrated manufacturing process; Multivariable composite sensors for industrial control, such as pressure, static pressure and temperature three variable sensors, pressure, wind, temperature and humidity four variable sensors, micro silicon composite strain pressure sensors, display sensors

(3) intelligent technology and intelligent sensor signal wired or wireless detection, blow molding is to use gas pressure to blow the hot parison closed in the mold into intelligent technology such as hollow product transformation processing, logic judgment, function calculation, two-way communication, self diagnosis, etc; Intelligent and easy to wear multivariable sensors, intelligent electric quantity sensors and various intelligent sensors and transmitters

(4) networking technology and sensor networking technology; Networking sensor, so that the sensor has industrialized standard interface and protocol functions

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