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Self starting generator 12KW diesel generator

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self starting generator 12KW diesel generator adopts the technology of Sino foreign partnership, perfect appearance, excellent quality, and is completely suitable for baikouding emergency use. The machine itself adds a mute cover, which will eliminate the noise in the process of using. It can be equipped with full active form, that is, the generator will start actively in 3 seconds after power failure, and will stop running immediately after power failure, turn to the normal transmission circuit, and the generator will be built It has a series of Enron measures, such as engine oil Enron alarm, gasoline Enron alarm, voltage stability alarm, oil leakage alarm, power leakage alarm, electric strict prevention of high energy consumption, high pollution, over development of low-level industries, too high pressure alarm, overload active alarm, overload active trip device, etc

self starting generator 12KW diesel generator adopts original export engine. 12KW diesel generator is deeply loved by customers all over the world because of its reliable function, weak horsepower, green environmental protection and humanized Enron design. Opal power has always made every effort to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of diesel engines. It dominates the world with low fuel consumption, low emission and low noise. It is a typical example of frugal power and sheltering environment, so that each machine and its operating cost can be minimized. Machinery is widely used in national defense, aviation, vehicles, ships, construction machinery, generator sets, and is recognized by the world for its small size, light weight, strong ability to resist sudden load, low noise, economy and reliability

1. Large layout, light volume, no vulnerable components, life-long protection Power press

2. No heating components, low temperature rise, no energy consumption. On the same day, the Ministry of industry and information technology also issued the catalogue of demonstration and guidance for the first batch of utilization of key new materials (2017 Edition), measuring the wave low heat of the terminal 3

3 The voltage waveform is good. The waveform distortion rate is less than 5% under no-load and less than 3% under load. The quality has low waveform heat. It can be used in compact electric field with high requirements for power quality

4. Rational load ability is strong. Being able to drag is the rational load of its own capacity

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over 20 (summer) sae30 10 c~20 C (spring and Autumn) sae20 p>

-5~20 C (winter) sae10w30 -20~30 C (severe winter) sae5w20

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