A new upsurge in the development of the hottest ne

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A new upsurge in the development of new energy vehicles

the Beijing 13th five year traffic plan officially released recently shows that on the basis of annual vehicle purchase restrictions, the indicators of new energy vehicles will be further improved. Beijing's 13th five year traffic plan, officially released a few days ago, shows that on the basis of annual vehicle purchase restrictions, the indicators of new energy vehicles will be further improved. The industry believes that although this is only a local policy of Beijing, it has a huge impact on the whole country. Under the strong impetus of the policy, major automobile enterprises have increased their investment in the field of new energy vehicles, and new energy vehicles have gradually become a must for automobile enterprises

the new 2020 will reach more than 100billion yuan, and a new round of climax of energy vehicles is coming.

in 2015, BAIC completed the sales of 20000 pure electric vehicles, becoming the car enterprise with the first sales volume of pure electric vehicles in China and the fourth sales volume of pure electric vehicles in the world. Recently, BAIC bjev raised billions of funds to build the core competitiveness of products, improve the global R & D system, build intelligent chemical plants and build a new energy vehicle ecosystem. Following the overseas R & D centers in Silicon Valley, Aachen, Germany and Barcelona, Spain, BAIC bjev will also set up two R & D centers in Turin, Italy and Japan to improve the R & D level of appearance and interior design and the lightweight design of micro car products

recently, SAIC also plans to invest more than 8 billion yuan in the new energy vehicle business to promote the industrialization and marketization of energy-saving self owned brands and new products of new energy passenger vehicles. SAIC said that the development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles is an important measure for SAIC to achieve strategic transformation. At present, the competition in the traditional automobile industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the automobile industry is facing reform and transformation. In this case, the domestic new energy vehicle market began to develop rapidly, and automobile enterprises gradually entered the new energy vehicle industry from the traditional automobile industry. As the leader of the domestic automobile industry, if the company cannot grasp the development direction of the industry, accurately judge the technology development trend, and continuously enhance its core competitiveness, the company's position in the market will be affected to a certain extent, and it will miss a good opportunity for business development

not only domestic enterprises, but also many multinational enterprises have made frequent big moves in the field of new energy vehicles. BMW, together with Intel and Mobileye, which develops advanced driving assistance systems, said on July 1 that it would jointly develop new energy intelligent vehicle products in the future

Volkswagen also announced a new new new energy vehicle strategy not long ago, which will accelerate the research and development process of new energy vehicles, strengthen the proportion of new energy vehicles in products, and eventually develop micro foaming injection molding grade PP with good surface appearance quality. It is planned to launch at least 30 pure electric vehicles by 2025, and the sales volume of pure electric vehicles will also be significantly increased to 2million to 3million, so as to build Volkswagen Group into a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the world

those who plan ahead seize the opportunity

the Ministry of science and technology recently issued the notice on publicizing the 2016 project arrangement of 10 key special projects including new energy vehicles, a national key research and development plan. Among them, 19 key projects in the field of new energy vehicles were selected, with a total planned subsidy of about 1.015 billion, focusing on power batteries and battery management, motor drive and power electronics, electric vehicle intelligence 38 key research tasks were deployed in 6 technical directions including fuel cell power system

although the subsidy policy for new energy vehicle purchase is declining year by year, the national support policy for the whole new energy vehicle industry has not changed, and focuses more on its own hematopoietic capacity. In this context, those enterprises that have long planned in the field of new energy vehicles and are at the forefront of the market have gained development opportunities

it is understood that SAIC Group has entered the field of new energy vehicles very early, and has invested more than 6billion yuan from 2009 to 2015. In this regard, SAIC said that everyone is competing in the new energy vehicle market, and SAIC attaches great importance to the new energy business because of the great changes that have taken place in the entire automotive industry in recent years

as the first complete vehicle enterprise to develop and promote new energy vehicles in China, JAC also began to realize the changes brought by the development of new energy vehicles. After 9 years and 6 generations, JAC auto has formed the ability of positive development of new energy vehicle products. At present, JAC has promoted more than 20000 pure electric vehicles, with a cumulative safe driving mileage of 300million kilometers and a maximum mileage of more than 200000 kilometers, which is in a leading position in the industry. From January to May this year, the sales volume of JAC IEV series pure electric vehicles reached 8371, with a year-on-year increase of 399.17%

behind the rapid growth of sales is technical support and practical accumulation. Since 2002, JAC has taken the lead in the layout of new energy field, and explored the industrialization law of new energy vehicles in practice. While meeting consumers, JAC has also accumulated a large number of important basic data for product development. Now, JAC has mastered the core technologies such as battery module, motor and electronic control, and has the ability to quickly launch new products

the R & D, product and brand advantages of new energy vehicles accumulated over the years have been released, which has promoted the development of JAC new energy vehicle business. Jac plans that by 2025, the total production and sales of new energy vehicles will account for more than 30% of the total production and sales of vehicles, forming a new pattern of common development of energy-saving vehicles, new energy vehicles and smart cars

capital is sought after, but key technologies need to be improved

while automobile enterprises frequently invest heavily in the field of new energy, many social capital also began to enter this market, running horse and enclosure

for example, emerging Internet companies, including Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, LETV and others, have penetrated the new energy vehicle market in different forms. These high-tech companies give full play to their scientific and technological advantages to cooperate and compete with traditional automobile enterprises in the fields of intelligence, new energy, driverless, car couplets and so on

in addition to emerging Internet enterprises, some traditional manufacturing enterprises have also begun to cross into the new energy vehicle industry, starting a counter attack of another mode. Among them, the most eye-catching non Gree appliances. Not long ago, Gree Electric announced the acquisition of 100% equity of Yinlong new energy, which is engaged in lithium batteries, electric vehicle powertrain, vehicle manufacturing, intelligent electric energy storage and other businesses, to enter the new energy vehicle industry

Elida, a listed company engaged in wind turbine manufacturing, recently announced that it plans to acquire 100% equity of Tiecheng information held by all shareholders of Tiecheng information by issuing shares and paying cash. It is reported that Tiecheng information is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of high-frequency switching power supplies and related electronic products. The main products include vehicle charger, DC converter, battery capacity display instrument and other software and hardware products, which are widely used in electric vehicles, forklifts, golf carts and other fields

Elida said that through this acquisition, the company will enter new energy vehicles, a strategic emerging industry with rapid development, realize complementary advantages, expand the main business of listed companies and enhance profitability

however, while being chased by capital, we should also recognize that new energy vehicles are still far from being fully mature, and there are still many problems to be solved

first of all, in some core technologies of new energy vehicles, especially batteries and electronic controls, there is still a certain gap between domestic enterprises and the international advanced level, and there is still a certain distance between product performance and market demand. At the same time, the construction of charging facilities, technology and business model are not perfect, and mileage anxiety cannot be eliminated. Although the state has issued policies to encourage the construction of charging facilities for many times, there are still many obstacles in actual operation, especially the construction of charging facilities in the community is very slow in actual progress

in response to this, some enterprises are trying to change the power, develop new products and implement the accelerated mode of new technology to solve the problem of long charging time, but they encounter a great problem of 294 environmental vibration in terms of site and battery product consistency, and they do not have the conditions for wide promotion in actual operation

in addition, some local protectionism still exists in the promotion of new energy vehicles in some places, forming market barriers, which affects the promotion of new energy vehicles

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