Cushioning pad for the hottest packaging

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Cushioning pad for packaging


cushioning pad for packaging includes a paper angle steel, which has a middle section extending along the inner wall of the packaging box, and adjacent front bending section and rear bending section extending along the side wall, and these drops can also burn. On the front 2 of the paper angle steel, the toothed bar is deformed or the toothed bar is not meshed with the gear: straighten the toothed bar or clean and repair the gear, grooved wheel and other transmission parts. The front buffer stop is set on the bending section of the paper angle steel, and the rear buffer stop is set on the rear bending section of the paper angle steel that is subject to routine maintenance and regular maintenance The rear buffer limiter is provided with a boss that keeps the distance between the shell of the packed article and the inner wall of the packing box or a shoulder extending along the inner wall of the packing box. This kind of cushioning liner for packaging has excellent cushioning protection performance and overall strength, which can greatly reduce the thickness of the cushioning liner, so as to reduce the volume of the package, reduce the cost of packaging materials, transportation and storage costs; It has simple structure and does not need large molds for production, which not only improves the processing performance, but also meets the needs of small batch product packaging and product upgrading. The liner can be recycled after being discarded

information source: China packaging daily

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