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Introduction to the "customer" function of smartcall system

Abstract: success learning says that when we are 30 years old, success no longer depends on the knowledge we have. That is to say, success often comes from 80% of relationships, and the remaining 20% is our own knowledge

success learning says that when we are 30 years old, success no longer depends on our knowledge, which means that success often comes from 80% of relationships, and the remaining 20% is our own knowledge. So, do you think your brain can remember all your contacts? Even at the beginning, you will play like a duck to water in the circle of human relations. However, building a relationship is a process of dripping water through the stone. Slowly accumulate, and time accumulation and perseverance will produce results. Therefore, we must first learn to sort out the customer relationship in order to effectively accumulate contacts

today, I want to share with you the customer management function of smartcall. Under this function, there are many small functions, which allow you to easily manage your customer data and clarify the sales context in the process of work

step 1: open smartcall system, enter your preset account name and password to log in

then, you can see the clear operation page of smartcall, as shown in the following figure. For the first time, the "green and low carbon development of China's industry" conference was held at the United Nations Climate Conference:

Step 2: click the start button to open the navigation bar interface, and quickly find the customer functions under marketing and sales through the navigation bar

the customer data can be managed accordingly

1. Customer information

click the quick button below the customer code to simply record the name of the customer, the detailed lecture notes, types and stages given to the customer before the business auction

if you want to record the customer's details, you can enter the customer's details page by clicking the customer's code, or clicking the details button below the customer's code:

2, customer contact and communication

click the call icon to call, the line is stable, and the call is clear; You can also send messages to customers through the SMS function under the customer button. There are rich SMS options in smartcall knowledge base; Event management can record, for example, door-to-door visits, meetings, visit reception, etc; You can also set automatic reminders, view orders and other functions

3. Sorting, screening and searching of customer data

smartcall system has more rapid search and advanced search functions, so that you can quickly find customers and contact them, improve work efficiency, and the customer address book can also be sorted according to the corresponding order, which is convenient for management

4. Batch management of customer data

smartcall system has a batch management function, which can import or distribute customer data in batch, which is convenient and fast. It is easy and simple to enter the address book with one key

5. Team and high seas data

in the management system of smartcall, the background can be divided into different teams according to departments. In the [start] marketing and sales [customer] [team] interface, you can see the customer data owned by the Department, subordinate department, or other departments in the company structure according to different permissions

high seas is a very distinctive customer data distribution module in smartcall management system. Through this module, managers can distribute customer data more simply and fairly without having to do complex operations every day

the customer function of smartcall system brings more than just these to users. 2. According to sample specifications and experimental requirements, every small detail can improve your work efficiency, from data management to data distribution on the high seas. Therefore, don't envy others for having many customer resources, and try smartcall quickly

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