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The current situation, problems and development opportunities of plastic knitting machinery

the plastic knitting industry has a history of nearly three decades in China. The plastic knitting industry has grown from scratch, from small to large, and has become an indispensable part of the national economy, playing a decisive role in product packaging

our Wenzhou area began to produce woven bags in the mid-1970s. At that time, the die head of the wire drawing machine was only 200 mm, there was no oven drying plate, the water tank was heated with coal balls for stretching, the iron basin was used for winding, and then the wooden shelf was used for winding monofilament, with a daily output of 200 kg; Use the most primitive wood machine to weave cylindrical woven bags, throw wooden shuttles by hand and step on four long brown frames with ropes to weave. Later, instead of throwing the wooden shuttle by hand, pull the lifting rope by hand and hit the wooden shuttle with bamboo chips. In the early 1980s, the wooden machine was changed into an iron frame, the palm frame was changed into a crankshaft to drive four cast-iron cams, the ratchet mechanism was used for cloth rolling, and the motor was used to drive automatic weaving, which was the "iron machine" that was popular at that time. Since 82, China has gradually introduced plastic knitting machinery and equipment from Japan, Germany, Austria and other countries; Since 84, large state-owned enterprises such as light industry and Lanfei in Gansu, Sanjiang in Sichuan, Dawukou in Ningxia, Fushun in Liaoning, Changzhou plastic machinery factory in Jiangsu and Haining Plastic Machinery General Factory in Zhejiang have begun to imitate imported weaving machinery. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, plastic knitting enterprises established in China basically purchased domestic equipment. With the rapid increase of the demand for plastic knitting packaging, it also promoted the synchronous development of plastic knitting machinery. A large number of well-known plastic machine enterprises with certain production capacity emerged, such as chuangcheng, Yongming, Hengli, Hengcheng in Changzhou, Tianchang in Anhui, Kun Yi in Yantai, and Yanfeng, GE and other plastic machine enterprises in Wenzhou stood out. After the 1990s, the plastic knitting industry in Wenzhou has mushroomed. At its peak, there were more than 1000 plastic knitting enterprises in Pingyang, Cangnan and Ruian counties in Wenzhou, which became the local pillar industry, accounting for one third of the country's output. At that time, we Pingyang plastic machine enterprises also established more than 60. Due to the blind launch of plastic machine enterprises, there was disorderly competition of price reduction. Some were shoddy, and some did not have the production conditions at all. Only a grinder, a hand drill, and an electric welding machine were also assembling circular looms. These "enterprises", unlike enterprises, colluded with criminals in society to carry out fake joint ventures across the country and resell fake and shoddy machinery products, which became the famous "93" Pingyang fake and shoddy product cancellation case at that time. Many formal enterprises in Pingyang were once affected and in trouble. In 1994, due to the substantial reduction of cotton production in China, the shortage of cloth bags for flour and the high price, our Wenzhou plastic knitting enterprise took the lead in producing 18 button (14 mesh) woven bags to replace cloth bags for flour packaging, which solved the problem of flour packaging and opened up a huge market for plastic knitting enterprises

in 1996, the national building materials administration proposed that cement could be packaged with plastic woven laminated bags, which undoubtedly brought vitality to plastic woven enterprises again. About 20% of the plastic knitting enterprises in the country have switched to the production of composite film plastic woven cement packaging bags

in 1998, our plastic knitting enterprises in Wenzhou will adopt and print servo oil source: BOPP film with high-pressure plunger pump is compounded on the woven bag to make color film composite plastic woven bag, which improves the product packaging to a higher level and opens up a new market Xintiandi for plastic knitting enterprises

however, with the open market economic policy, domestic plastic knitting enterprises are blooming everywhere. According to some statistics, there are 20000 plastic knitting enterprises, with an annual output of more than 100billion pieces, resulting in the situation that the plastic knitting market has been in oversupply. Some plastic knitting enterprises blindly increase fillers and recycled materials to reduce costs, shoddy, only bargain low price, not quality vicious competition. Affected by SARS in the first half of last year, the second half of last year began to be plagued by a severe shortage of electricity. It is difficult to predict the rise in the price of plastic raw materials this year. The state also implemented macro-control policies, making it even worse for plastic knitting enterprises that have no profit space, resulting in the bankruptcy of many enterprises, some of which are in a semi shutdown state. From June to October this year, one third of plastic knitting factories in Wenzhou stopped production. Plastic knitting enterprises have experienced several glories and vicissitudes

plastic machine enterprises and plastic knitting enterprises complement each other and share their prosperity and decline. With the market decline of the plastic knitting industry, the plastic machine industry is also facing more and more problems, resulting in disorderly competition. Some plastic machine enterprises are selling at a low profit, and some are operating at breakeven. Some state-owned enterprises cannot reduce their manufacturing costs due to inflexible mechanisms, some stop production, and some switch to other products. Changzhou and Wenzhou are the places with the most plastic machinery enterprises, and there are only a few left now

for the above problem (5), set the test start and end load data and test speed;, How do our plastic knitting enterprises and plastic machine enterprises face it? How to get out of trouble? As the saying goes: as long as ideas do not decline, there are always more ways than difficulties. Running an enterprise is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall back. As long as we keep a clear mind, take the road of scientific and technological innovation, pay attention to product quality, strengthen after-sales service, improve enterprise reputation, and make the enterprise stronger and bigger; As president Fang of Qiuchao group said, "in a crisis, there is an opportunity next to the danger; in a difficult situation, it is difficult to be trapped at home; there is a way out, and there is a way out." The market is vast and man-made. Some enterprises have gone up, and their products are in short supply; Some enterprises went bankrupt, which is the law of market economy - the survival of the fittest

with China's entry into WTO, it has brought opportunities and challenges to China's plastic knitting industry and plastic machine industry. In response to the large international market, China's exports of plastic knitting products and plastic machine products have increased steadily in recent years. Plastic knitting products include packaging bags, shopping bags, ton bags, rain proof tarpaulins, tourist tents, sunshades, mats, etc. plastic machines include wire drawing units, circular looms, coating laminating machines, printing machines, etc

because China has sufficient plastic raw materials, cheap labor and cheap machinery and equipment, and the country has a tax rebate policy for the export of plastic woven products and plastic machine products, most insurance companies in the international market have not carried out this work and have a certain competitiveness. The international plastic knitting market is no better than the domestic market. Domestic customers only want to be cheap, and foreign customers have strict requirements for quality standards. For example, some developed countries have high requirements for the tensile strength, anti-aging, anti-static, waterproof, anti fading, non-toxic and other quality indicators of plastic woven products, so if plastic woven products want to enter the international market, enterprises must have a team of high-level scientific and technological personnel, high-performance machinery and equipment, high-quality marketing personnel and management personnel, so that products can meet the quality and performance indicators of different countries, different uses and different requirements, Prevent technical barriers to trade of plastic woven products in the international market

after nearly 20 years of development in the domestic plastic machine industry, a number of plastic machine enterprises with strong technical force, innovative ability, good product quality, integrity and economic strength have developed steadily and achieved good economic benefits. They spent a lot of money importing full computer high-precision processing centers (such as Hengli in Changzhou, Yongming in Wenzhou, Yanfeng in Wenzhou, etc.) to ensure the processing accuracy of key parts of plastic machines. Some products are controlled by PLC, Improve the degree of automation and implement man-machine interface. Many domestic plastic machine enterprises' products have entered the international market, some of which have reached the international advanced level, and some have even led the international advanced level. At the 18th China International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center at the end of June, all plastic knitting machines exhibited by famous domestic plastic machine manufacturers are small six shuttle circular looms

among them, the small six shuttle circular loom exhibited by Changzhou Hengli machinery company adopts a plane cam, the shuttle adopts a four roller structure, all without lubrication system, the weft density can be adjusted at will, and the warp break, weft break, automatic stop after weft finish and other functions

the small six shuttle exhibited by Guangzhou Saiao machinery company adopts hyperbolic slide cam, the shuttle adopts four rollers, automatic electronic cloth lifting, and the weft density can be adjusted at will. It has the functions of warp breaking, weft breaking, automatic stop after weft completion, etc

the small six shuttle exhibited by Changzhou Yongming Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts a small cam rocker mechanism, and the shuttle adopts seven rollers, with functions such as automatic stop after warp break, weft break and weft completion

the roller type small six shuttle exhibited by Wenzhou Hengyi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts a large cam hyperbolic structure. The "roller track" makes the shuttle base plate less friction and easier to operate. It has the functions of automatic stop and identification after warp break, weft break and weft completion

the brown belt type small six shuttle circular loom exhibited by Zhejiang Yanfeng Plastic Machinery General Factory adopts single curve cam and roller track. The moving part adopts rolling friction, which has low resistance. All transmissions do not need oil lubrication. All parts are exposed, which is convenient for maintenance. It has the functions of continuous warp break, weft break, automatic shutdown after weft break and zoning identification of new products

in addition to the above five domestic manufacturers participating in the exhibition, xiaoliusuo operated normally at high speed, there was also an Indian enterprise. The small six shuttle on display also uses a plane cam, and the shuttle uses four rollers. Its performance is not as good as that of the domestic small six shuttle, but its price is nearly twice that of the domestic small six shuttle. It is estimated that no one in China will take foreign exchange to foreign countries to buy products with equal quality and doubled price. This shows that the level of production of circular looms in China has reached the international level and can completely occupy the international market. China's small six shuttle will soon replace the small four shuttle circular loom. Therefore, as long as our enterprise has the awareness and ability to explore and innovate and the concept of honest management, it will certainly get out of the dilemma and go to glory

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