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Wind power circles the sea: a new round of overcapacity is brewing in the investment banquet

a large-scale leap forward in offshore wind power is already on the line

seen by some places and enterprises as the momentum of the leap forward, the national energy administration is stepping up the promotion of offshore wind power concession bidding. In mid April, the national energy administration will complete the contract text of offshore wind power concession bidding, and formal bidding will be held at the end of April

before that, the large-scale sea encircling movement of local governments and enterprises had already begun

the sea enclosure began at the end of 2005, and the major central enterprises have already begun to actively engage in it. Guweidong, chief scientist of the national 973 Plan wind energy project and President of the Macroeconomic Research Institute of the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, told the national weekly of Finance and economics that the sea areas suitable for the development of offshore wind power along the coast of Jiangsu have been basically occupied

the national planning is slightly sluggish. In mid-2009, the national development and Reform Commission officially issued a document requiring all provinces to submit opinions on the planning of offshore wind farms. At present, only Jiangsu Province has completed the planning report. Before that, the power giants have basically delineated their maritime sphere of influence

China has not done enough to develop offshore wind power, and it does not have the conditions for large-scale development of offshore wind power at present. Hedexin, President of the China Wind Energy Association, told the national weekly of Finance and economics that offshore wind power is a direction of wind energy development, but in the absence of wind farm planning, resource census and core technology, the current large-scale sea circling and leap forward of domestic wind power enterprises is blind and unscientific

100million kW wind power cake

in early April, the first round of bidding for offshore wind power concession projects in China has entered the final stage of preparation. At this time, the upstream and downstream enterprises associated with the wind power industry have already been gearing up

the bidding will adhere to the principle of "three in one". A person close to the concession bidding told Caijing national weekly that the bidder will be a consortium composed of electric field investors, wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm construction and installation enterprises, and the bid winning price will no longer adhere to the lowest price. The change of this rule increases the difficulty of winning the bid, but for the successful bidder, it will mean greater business opportunities

the national energy administration has recently issued a notice to the relevant departments of the autonomous region of Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and other provinces and cities, requiring all regions to declare offshore wind power concession bidding projects

on March 17, the National Energy Administration held a discussion on the work plan of offshore wind power bidding. The meeting studied that concession bidding will be carried out for four wind farms in Dafeng, Sheyang, Dongtai and Binhai, Jiangsu, and the reference price of offshore wind power will be formed accordingly. Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission has entrusted East China Survey and Research Institute of Sinohydro consulting group to carry out project research and preliminary survey on the above four wind farms

the national weekly of Finance and economics received news from key figures of the national development and Reform Commission that the new energy development plan under revision has been basically completed. According to the new plan, by 2020, the scale of wind power generation will be adjusted from 30million kW initially set in 2007 to 100 million KW

with the increasing tension of onshore wind power, most of the new wind power will come from the sea

facing this huge cake, energy giants such as China Power Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as CPI), China Guodian Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Guodian), China National Offshore Oil Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CNOOC), as well as wind turbine manufacturers such as Sinovel Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinovel wind power), Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Goldwind technology, have launched a competition for resources and voice

final breakthrough

insiders generally expect that offshore wind power will leap forward after concession bidding. The scramble of major central enterprises for offshore wind farms also tends to be white hot

as the county-level city with the richest offshore wind energy in China, Dafeng City, Jiangsu Province, bears the brunt

on March 5, Dafeng wind power industry development plan passed the expert review and was submitted to Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission. According to the plan, Dafeng will divide the 4.9 million KW offshore wind power resources under its jurisdiction into 14 wind farms

it's a snap up (offshore wind farm). On March 25, Kang Hong, director of Dafeng Wind Power Industry Investment Promotion Bureau, told Caijing national weekly that once the concession bidding is completed, the offshore wind farm will adopt the approval system, that is, the project unit will issue a feasibility report for approval by the national or provincial development and Reform Commission. This led the power giants to step up the final breakthrough of the sea circle

according to the materials summarized by Dafeng municipal government, after the Spring Festival, a large number of power giants focused on this geomantic treasure land, including China Huadian Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Huadian), China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (hereinafter referred to as CGNPC), China Resources Power Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Resources Power), Jiangsu Guoxin group, Germany sola CCE and other industry giants. Before that, China power investment, Guodian Longyuan Datang Group and other giants have settled in Dafeng

although the concession bidding has not yet been carried out, with the unremitting efforts of investors who invest in the residue of mulch film, which affects the emergence rate of cotton, Dafeng has obtained or will soon obtain the road strips of the national development and Reform Commission. The investors are China power investment, Guodian Longyuan and Huadian group. The remaining 11 wind farms have become the targets of frantic looting by various princes

there are many interested (investors) and historical logs have been recorded for future reference. Many (investors) have carried out preliminary work. Kang Hong told Caijing national weekly

the same rush buying is also happening repeatedly in other coastal areas. I now receive many power enterprises every day, and there are too many expressions of (investment) intentions and promises. On March 26, Liu Hong, former deputy director of Dongtai development and Reform Commission in Jiangsu Province, told the national weekly of Finance and economics. Liu has just retired from the second tier and is currently fully responsible for the city's offshore wind power business

like Dafeng, Dongtai also has rich offshore wind power resources. According to the plan, Dongtai's 2.65 million KW offshore wind power resources are divided into nine wind farms, of which the wind farms numbered C1 and C2 will participate in the concession bidding

after the concession (bidding), Guohua Energy will follow the standard H2 electric field. The government has made a verbal promise, and the other six projects have also been discussed. Liu Hong said that investors have lobbied the government through various channels

this is not a special case. During the field survey in many cities along the eastern coast suitable for the development of offshore wind power, it was found that when the concession bidding was about to be heard, the contact between major central enterprises and local governments suddenly heated up

according to the plan of Jiangsu Province, the total scale of offshore wind power in Yancheng will reach 13million kW by 2020. If the agreement is signed now, a few 13million kW will not be enough. Zhongming, deputy director of the investment department of Yancheng development and Reform Commission, said

2010 is the first year of offshore wind power. After the delimitation of offshore wind farms, the upsurge of circling the sea is inevitable. Cao Yin, an energy and power system analyst at frost Sullivan consulting company, believes that China's offshore wind power will enter a stage of rapid and substantial growth after the concession bidding. In order not to be eliminated in the future offshore wind competition, major power groups and other investors must seize the wind farm as much as possible from now on

private agreements are more than public agreements

is the passing of a law, which has led to the blowout of the wind power industry since the second half of 2005. Gu Weidong told Caijing national weekly. The law he referred to was the renewable energy law of the people's Republic of China, which was deliberated and passed by the National People's Congress in February 2005

the renewable energy law stipulates that power enterprises should purchase the renewable energy within their electricity coverage in full and generate the electricity of power projects. Gu Weidong believed that the above provisions directly stimulated the enthusiasm of enterprises to launch wind power

since 2005, large-scale wind power began to appear, and major power giants have signed strategic agreements with local governments on huge offshore wind power

according to the media, Guohua Energy signed an agreement with Dongtai municipal government to build a large offshore wind power project of 4million kW, with a total investment of 90billion yuan

the sea circle agreement of the five power groups will not be less than 100billion yuan. An expert from China Wind Energy Association told Caijing national weekly that China's current offshore wind power is basically obtained by central enterprises, which are most likely to gather 30t medium-sized power to do big things. Therefore, as soon as it is launched, it is a wind farm project of 2million kW or even larger

these are only intentional agreements, and the national development and Reform Commission has the final say on whether the construction can be approved. An insider of Guodian Longyuan told Caijing national weekly, but he also admitted that Guodian Longyuan and local governments have also signed a large number of framework agreements on offshore wind power. At present, the company's offshore wind power bases are all over Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other coastal cities. The total amount of the agreement is about 100-150 billion yuan

in the coastal areas of Northern Jiangsu and other areas where offshore wind power is concentrated, the investment amount of power giants is also amazing

(early in Dafeng City) seven or eight agreements were signed, each with an investment of more than 10 billion yuan, with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan. Kang Hong said that the early offshore wind power management was relatively chaotic. Under the temptation of huge investment by power giants, county and municipal governments have opened their doors to attract investment

(specific) how many agreements have been signed? It's hard to say. There are many anyway. Shi Hongjie, director of the transportation and Energy Department of Nantong Development and Reform Commission, told the national weekly of Finance and economics that the agreements of Nantong city can be counted, but the agreements of specific counties and cities are not very easy to count

many agreements are signed privately, which is more than public agreements. A person from the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission told the national weekly of Finance and economics

(Department of new energy) there is no strict statistics, but it is certain that the target amount of the agreement far exceeds the total planned amount of offshore wind power. Insiders from the new energy department of the National Energy Administration told the national weekly of Finance and economics that at present, there are hundreds of wind measuring towers on the eastern coast and offshore, many of which are just decorations, with only one purpose. Draw a circle first

(central enterprises) no one needs money. As long as we can win the project and seize the opportunity, the price does not need to be considered too much. A person in charge of Guohua Energy told Caijing national weekly

after more than five years of sea game, major central enterprises have basically completed the division of the sea area suitable for the development of wind power. However, up to now, Shanghai bridge is the only offshore wind power project approved by the national energy administration

stimulate wind power equipment

the wind turbine manufacturing industry, which has tended to be surplus, has also entered a new round of investment boom due to offshore wind power

in September 2009, the State Council forwarded several opinions on curbing overcapacity and redundant construction in some industries and guiding the healthy development of the industry. The opinions listed wind power equipment in the blacklist that needs to curb overcapacity for the first time, but the development of offshore wind power has stimulated more and larger wind power bases in coastal areas

in Jiangsu, Nanjing, Huai'an, Lianyungang and other cities have announced the layout of offshore wind turbine equipment, while Yancheng, Nantong, Wuxi and other places have directly called for building a huge wind power equipment parts base or wind power equipment industrial park

the government's plan is to drive the development of wind power equipment and other related industrial clusters through the construction of coastal wind farms. The above-mentioned person from Jiangsu Provincial Energy Bureauallen bradley 1769 ob16

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