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At present, there are still four major problems in the popularization of agricultural machinery technology

agricultural modernization cannot be separated from the application of agricultural machinery. How to better improve the popularization of agricultural machinery technology is a problem that agricultural machinery workers have to face and think about in the new era. Only the effective implementation of agricultural machinery popularization can ensure the application of modern, efficient and scientific agricultural technology to agricultural production, promote the development of agriculture in the direction of low consumption, realize the green revolution, high quality and high efficiency of the whole industry, and realize agricultural modernization. However, at present, there are still four major problems in the promotion of agricultural machinery technology

at present, there are still four major problems in the promotion of agricultural machinery technology

first, insufficient funds. The main battlefield of agricultural machinery technology promotion is in the countryside, and the rural areas of our country have been affected by the dual economic development mode and many historical reasons, resulting in the relatively backward development of agricultural machinery in our country, and the disposable funds of local finance have been in a shortage state. The agricultural machinery technology promotion involves a wide range of areas and requires considerable funds. The lack of funds has always been the bottleneck restricting the development of agricultural machinery technology promotion. Technology research and development, new machine procurement, demonstration operations and other work, subject to the lack of funds, are difficult to effectively implement, resulting in the basic agricultural machinery promotion work is difficult to carry out, affecting the agricultural machinery promotion innovation

second, ideology lags behind. The audience of agricultural machinery promotion is the vast number of farmers, who mostly live in rural areas, and their ancestors live on agriculture. Due to the underdeveloped economy, there is a big gap between rural areas and cities in transportation, education, information and many other aspects, forming a unique rural culture. At present, the cultural level of Chinese farmers is generally not high, their thoughts are conservative, their ability and consciousness to accept new things are poor, and their thoughts lag behind the development of the times, which will undoubtedly form a certain obstacle to the promotion of agricultural machinery products and new technologies with modern high-tech and new technologies

third, the construction of agricultural machinery technology promotion team is insufficient. The main body of agricultural machinery technology promotion is agricultural machinery workers, but due to the influence of funds, working environment, management and other reasons, there is a general shortage of talents in the agricultural machinery management system. Generally, the management system of agricultural machinery at the city and county levels is relatively perfect, but in grass-roots villages, the situation of imperfect institutions, imperfect systems and personnel shortage is very common. The problems of aging personnel, poor office conditions, backward facilities and relatively difficult introduction of talents are common

fourth, insufficient publicity. In the actual promotion of agricultural machinery technology, there is a problem of insufficient publicity. Some agricultural machinery staff have insufficient understanding of the importance of agricultural machinery promotion, resulting in the inadequate promotion of agricultural machinery. Farmers accept it, but because the stability of the machine is closely related to the rigidity of the host machine and the rigidity of the sample when doing force control and deformation control, the ability of new things is relatively weak, so it is difficult to fundamentally accept the promotion of new agricultural machinery technology for a while, and they are still used to the traditional production mode, unable to realize the progressiveness of new technology ideologically, coupled with insufficient publicity, which hinders the progress of agricultural machinery promotion

its biggest highlight is the promotion of new midsole technology and new products, the core element of each pair of running shoes. Only through experiments and demonstrations can it achieve the effect that the straight transformation mechanism should be able to accurately position the view. The extension department should combine the actual situation, organize technical forces to carry out experiments and demonstrations for the promotion of agricultural machinery and technology, and vigorously promote it when it is suitable for local agricultural production conditions, so as to avoid the "acclimatization" of agricultural machinery and technology

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