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One day of handle customer service mm: 300 close contacts with customers

a sweet "Hello, handle customer service, how can I help you?" Maybe it can eliminate the anger of users; A few patient explanations may help users solve their doubts; A few words of sincere apology may win the praise of users. In lashou, there are such a group of people who are busy answering every day, patiently listening to the voices of lashou users from all over the country, and answering users' various consumption problems with audible smiling words. It can be said that they are the closest people to lashou users

there are hundreds of customer service personnel like Xiaowei in the handshake. They belong to the call center team built by handshake. Don't underestimate these seemingly weak little girls. Their communication skills, enthusiasm and patience, the steel tube and rubber tube reciprocating friction tester and strain capacity provided to customers are not comparable to ordinary people. Seeing them, you will personally feel a strong affinity

after answering the question and saying "goodbye", Xiaowei conveniently picked up the water cup next to the computer and drank some questions about textile testing. She can consult our company at any time. She smiled and said, "most incoming calls are consultation. Some ask what to do about overdue consumption, how to use comments and rebates, and some ask what the logistics status is."

there are nearly 100 staff in this sunny room, and each customer service is patiently communicating with users. Xiaowei said, "at the beginning, there were only 20 people in the Department, and I was the first group to come here. Now it's different. You see, there are almost 100 people in this office, all of whom are of the same age. They go to and from work together, have lunch together, be on duty together on weekends, and discuss and communicate together. For example... With so many girlfriends, although they are very busy every day, I feel very happy!"

she smiled and said, "we still often receive praise letters from customers, and I have received them myself." She proudly read the user's praise letter: "Hello, thank you for your patient answers and warm service these days. I apologize for the trouble caused by the refund. Now I have received the refund. Thank you very much. Although I don't know your name, your service is careful and thoughtful, which makes me unforgettable." Unable to help herself, Xiaowei whispered that the team leader would reward such a letter of praise

according to Xiaowei, after handshake was the first to open the 12315 green channel in the country, their work is becoming more and more standardized and tense. In case of special complaints from customers, such as delays in third-party logistics, product quality problems, etc., it is necessary to report them to the newly established consumer protection department at the first time without any delay. It is also necessary to save all audio and text records of communication with users, so that the consumer protection department can make judgments and provide solutions in the fastest time

Xiaowei is also a group buying fan. She feels that in the group buying market, the group buying stations are not only fighting for low prices, but also for user experience. Good user experience is the core competitiveness of group buying stations. Now, as a well-known group buying enterprise in the industry, Xiaowei and her colleagues have a stronger sense of belonging and honor. "Not only do I often participate in group buying at the handshake where I work, but also I often recommend my friends around to come to group buying at handshake, not because I am there, but because the products and after-sales of group buying at handshake are very guaranteed." Xiaowei said with a proud smile. "I'm a senior customer service now. Don't you believe what I said? Are you still laughing at my old Wang's boasting?" In the face of the doubt, she seemed a little unconvinced. She said, "in fact, we can become the first enterprise in the industry to open the 12315 green channel, and we have opened 10 cities at once to realize the National Federation, which is enough to illustrate our service level."

in addition to the need for strong technology to support online operations, the performance of call center customer service is a great test of hand-in-hand service. 12315 the green channel can choose to enter the handle first, and open 10 cities at one time, which is enough to show the trust of the government and consumers in the sound and perfect service system of the handle

during the 30 minutes of talking with Xiaowei, although she was interrupted by the user's incoming call for seven times, she was always smiling. In her smile, we can see the happiness of every handle person and the happiness passed by the handle to every consumer. China Consumer News

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