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The current situation, difficulties and future development trend of corrugated boxes (II)

there are great problems in the internal management of carton enterprises. Most bosses pay attention to operation, capital and procurement, but do not pay attention to internal management, reduce costs and losses. There is a big gap between carton factories. Good enterprises generally lose 5%~6%. They pay attention to the economical use of base paper, organize by hand, make full use of it, make linings, accessories and partitions, and propose not to waste a piece of cardboard. However, there are also some large enterprises that do not pay attention to it and are afraid of trouble. The loss rate has reached more than 10% when the whole vehicle with bad chips is sold, raising the production cost. If we can reduce the loss by 5%, we will increase the profit. The receivable time of carton enterprises is getting longer and longer, and the arrears are serious. In the past, it was delayed for one month, but later it became 2 or 3 months, and some even took 3 months to half a year or a year

the above problems exist mainly due to internal factors. It is difficult to solve these problems, but the carton industry should strive to achieve the following points:

first, strengthen the unity within the industry, "do not fight price war", and do not let users exploit loopholes. At present, the carton industry is still not united enough

second, strengthen the internal management of the enterprise, spend a certain amount of energy to reduce losses, reduce production costs, and improve economic benefits

third, those who are in arrears for a long time should resolutely not do so, and those who pay quickly should be given certain preferential policies

adjust the structure and seize the opportunities

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the carton industry must seize the opportunities and adjust the industry structure. At present, the industry is facing difficulties, challenges and opportunities. After China's entry into the WTO, a large number of foreign and multinational enterprises enter Shanghai and other regions, and foreign trade and domestic compete for the packaging market. This is a challenge, but also an opportunity, and the market packaging volume continues to increase (including the increase in export volume) See how you seize the opportunity

1. According to the actual situation of the carton industry, if there are too many tile lines, we should continue to implement the production pattern of internal cooperation in the industry of "centralized board and decentralized box making", so that the tile lines can give full play to their role, expand carton users, become bigger and stronger, win the market with quality, service and price, quality is the first, and strive to change the situation of price competition as the first

2. Promote high-strength, low gram weight and lightweight cartons to reduce the gram weight of paper. High strength, low gram weight and light weight cartons have been widely used abroad to save a lot of paper consumption. In recent years, the gram weight has decreased, but there is still a big gap compared with the international level. Domestic high-strength papermaking is far from keeping up with the international level. In the future, the paper industry will produce more high-strength, low gram weight base paper to meet the needs of carton factories

3. Adjust the hierarchy of cartons. At present, domestic five layer cartons account for about 80%, three-layer cartons account for about 20%, while five layer cartons account for about 15% in the United States, Japan and Europe, and three-layer cartons account for about 85%. Our hierarchy structure wastes a lot of national resources and increases the cost of enterprises and users. Therefore, using high-quality base paper and three-layer cartons to achieve the compressive strength of five-layer cartons (some five-layer cartons can be completely replaced by three-layer cartons) is beneficial to carton factories User factories reduce costs, which is also conducive to the country to save a lot of wood resources

4. Adjust the institutional structure and establish loose alliances and cooperation

enterprises with large scale of cartons can jointly or cooperatively establish centralized joint procurement of raw and auxiliary materials (such as base paper, starch, flat silk, ink, flexo, etc.). Several large factories can jointly purchase raw and auxiliary materials. There is one or two raw and auxiliary materials supply, formulate procurement plans, supply them separately according to the plan, provide cheap and good products, and settle accounts separately, which can reduce costs for carton factories, reduce the backlog of logistics warehouses, and reduce working capital, Gradually create conditions for the establishment of enterprise groups

5. The central and municipal Party committees put forward the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" to create an energy-saving and environment-friendly city, and vigorously develop the paper packaging industry in combination with the actual situation of the carton industry. Paper packaging belongs to green packaging, reflecting the requirements of circular economy (waste paper recycling - papermaking), recycling - reuse, continuous recycling, and vigorously develop paper instead of wood, one-time paper bags to solve environmental pollution

recently, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) informed that the prices of oil, water, electricity and coal will be adjusted next year. These energy sources are necessary for the carton industry, which will increase the burden on the carton industry. The carton industry must adopt energy-saving and energy-saving equipment. Installing energy-saving equipment in the boiler room can save 30% coal, 55% water, 24% electricity and 34% salt. After being installed by Nanjing Tianze company for Guojia, Yingli, Huaxing and Fuguang, it is unanimously reflected that the effect is the best and the energy consumption is reduced

the future development prospects are bright

in recent years, although China's carton industry has developed rapidly, there is still a big gap compared with the needs of national economic development and the level of counterparts in advanced countries. Carton industry is an evergreen industry

first of all, this is determined by its own nature. Because packaging is a commodity production and circulation service, the richer people's material and cultural life, the better the life of our carton industry with a higher market share. Now there are supermarkets in urban and rural areas all over the country. The goods inside are beautifully packed and dazzling. It can be said that there is no supermarket without packaging. In other words, with the development of the national economy, the demand for carton packaging in the whole society can only be increasing

second, from the nature of carton packaging itself, it is a kind of green Taizhou enterprises learning from the world, and color packaging products are more popular. According to the scientific concept of development, modern society emphasizes resource conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development. Carton packaging can be recycled, recycled, reused and naturally degraded, which fully meets the above requirements. Therefore, the carton industry will never be eliminated, and will be paid more and more attention

at present, China's carton industry is developing in the direction of multi-function. The transformation of carton packaging from simple transportation packaging to the combination of transportation and sales packaging will lead to the problems of lightweight carton packaging, high strength, fine corrugated, fine printing special-shaped box structure and preprint

the lightness of cartons is mainly a matter of saving resources. Cartons should be light, and the paper must be low gram weight and high strength. Five layer paperboard should be replaced by three-layer paperboard. The author believes that the lightweight of cartons in China, including the reduction of the gram weight of cardboard and the reduction of the number of layers, will be achieved in the near future

micro corrugated board can not only be directly water-based printed, but also be printed with exquisite dot patterns to replace offset printing, greatly reducing the amount of paper used

carton with special-shaped structure. It is introduced that there is no nail or adhesive. Cardboard die cutting can solve the problem. Reduce the process, and it is transforming to the sales direction. There will be more and more such cartons and cartons, and the demand for special-shaped structure cartons, fine corrugated cartons, exquisite printing cartons, oil-proof and waterproof cartons will certainly be increasing. Our carton factory should be fully prepared in terms of ideology, equipment and technology

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, China's carton industry's demand for paper making and carton machinery

1. The paper industry must produce high-strength light weight base paper with good quality

at present, domestic high-strength all wood pulp Kraft linerboard and corrugated base paper are quite scarce, mainly relying on imports. The main reason is the lack of wood pulp in China, but it is not impossible. Recently, paper-making enterprises such as nine dragons, Liwen and zhonglong have produced high-strength Kraft linerboard to replace imported paper. Recently, some paper mills in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have also produced high-strength corrugated base paper, which is popular with carton factories, but there is still a gap compared with imported paper, which needs to be further improved. The paper-making equipment for the production of low gram weight paper needs to be transformed, At present, all paper mills are working hard

2. The carton machinery industry must improve the quality of the corrugated line to serve the carton industry

carton machinery enterprises must improve the product quality, the corrugated board production line must transform the old equipment, and the old equipment with low-speed and small door width in the 1980s and 1990s must be transformed into a new generation of fully automatic equipment with a wide width (1.8~2.5m)

carton machinery enterprises should develop new products in the following water-based printing slotting machine, water-based printing die-cutting machine, and box gluing machine, and develop the connection line of water-based printing die-cutting machine and water-based printing, indentation, slotting, die-cutting, gluing, cartoning, and binding, that is, the one-stop production of the next process. Improving printing quality is an important aspect of market competition. Once damaged, it is an important topic to develop multi-color water-based printing. As a printing machinery enterprise, it must seriously study and develop new products suitable for national conditions. It must also retain some traditional equipment of water-based printing machines and implement the generalization and standardization of other accessories

in recent years, the corrugated board production line and domestic water-based printing slotting machine have improved rapidly, but they are not stable enough. There is still a large gap compared with international standards, and the requirements are gradually approaching. However, the price of domestic water-based printing slotting machine is low, which is still suitable for some domestic carton factories, but the stability and mechanical quality need to be further improved

finally, we hope that carton manufacturers will be inspired, emancipate their minds, forge ahead and explore, strive to enter into the depth and breadth of production, and make more efforts to expand the use of corrugated cardboard as far as possible. Corrugated paper is used as pallets, supermarket shelves, office supplies, sanitary coffins, office partitions and other substrates. Some carton enterprises have already produced, and even corrugated cardboard can be used as tables, chairs, cabinets The raw materials for the production of sofa bed boards, etc. if our thinking is more open, the use of corrugated cardboard may be more extensive, so that China's corrugated cardboard production capacity can be more fully and effectively played

information source: Guangdong packaging

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