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At about 11:15 p.m. on April 10, 2017, a truck loaded with 30 tons of chemical raw materials was suspected of having overheated brakes, which caused the rear tires to catch fire, The driver extinguished the fire with the on-board fire extinguisher for a short time, and the fire was rekindled again, causing the whole vehicle to ignite. Because the fire was too big, the traffic in this section was interrupted for a while

after the incident, the driver called the police for help, and the local police and firefighters rushed to the scene for rescue. After half an hour or so of efforts, the firefighters finally succeeded in putting out the fire. At present, the specific causes of the fire and property losses have yet to be investigated

the truck caught fire at a high speed

the firefighters eliminated the danger in half an hour

10 at 11:15 p.m., someone called the police and said that a large truck was parked near the 934 km downline of the Beijing Shanghai Expressway Gaoyou, and the rear tire was on fire, requesting the fire department to help put out the fire. Soon, the vehicles passing this section found that the whole body of the large truck parked at the roadside was on fire. The entire user who had not thoroughly understood the tensile testing machine thought that the lower the price of the tensile machine, the better. The large truck became a "big red ball". The flames jumped several meters high and became particularly eye-catching in the dark night. The air waves generated by the burning caused the roadside trees to swing violently, and some branches and poles of the trees were burned by the fire. At the same time, the flames also jumped out on both sides, almost occupying several lanes of the downline. For a while, passing vehicles stopped far away, resulting in the temporary interruption of traffic on this section

after the incident, local police and fire fighters rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. The police maintained the surrounding traffic order. The firefighters found that all the tires of the truck had been burned and the goods on the truck had also been burned. From the scene of the fire, the vehicle fuel tank should have been burned, and a large amount of oil flowed out, causing the fire to burn very violently. In order to prevent the oil from flowing around due to water spraying, and the phenomenon of "flowing fire" occurred, the firefighters immediately sent out two water guns to attack from both sides respectively, so as to avoid the flames from running around. After a lot of fighting, the fire has been effectively controlled. The firefighters are now 2: Frame: the frame is welded by angle steel, channel steel and other profiles, close to the vehicle, and put out all open fires one by one. Half an hour later, the danger was completely eliminated and the road was resumed

the driver saved himself and put out the fire

unexpectedly, the car rekindled

after the fire was put out, the on-site personnel noticed that the incident vehicle was hung with "Ji a" license plate, the whole vehicle was severely burned and deformed, only steel rings were left in the tires, and the goods in the vehicle were beyond recognition. Some of them were scattered on the road in powder form, emitting bursts of unpleasant smell

the eyewitness said that he saw the truck suddenly stop while driving. Later, he saw the truck catch fire. The fire was started from the back, which should not be caused by the vehicle engine

at the scene, a middle-aged man said that he was a truck driver. The truck started from Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province and was going to Jiaxing. The truck was loaded with 30 tons of chemical raw materials: hot melt marking paint additive, which was used to make road traffic marking paint, and was sent by a chemical factory in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. When driving to the accident site, he suddenly found a tire at the back of the car smoking, and soon caught fire. He quickly parked the car in the emergency lane and took down the on-board fire extinguisher from the car

"at this time, the fire in the car tire was already very big. I quickly used the fire extinguisher to aim at the fire point to spray." Said the middle-aged man. At that time, the fire had been put out by him. Unexpectedly, the fire broke out again in a short time, and the fire became bigger and bigger, and the fire extinguishers had been used up. I was helpless. He had to call the police for help, and did not put out the fire until the firemen arrived at the scene

or spontaneous combustion caused by too high brake temperature due to a long journey

what causes the rear tire to catch fire? Because the fire started from the tire, some people at the scene suspected that it was caused by a flat tire. The driver said that there was no flat tire at the time of the incident. According to his analysis, it is likely that the truck ran a long way, resulting in high tire or brake temperature and fire. In this regard, professionals said that this possibility is relatively large, especially for large trucks that travel a long distance. If they can't rest in time and need to use the brakes from time to time on the road, the temperature will continue to rise due to friction, and will be ignited once it reaches the ignition point

professionals said that they should always check whether the tire is pricked or scratched, and whether there are protrusions caused by broken wires. When the car is lifted, you should check the inner side of the tire to see if there is a problem. If you find a problem, you should consult the repair shop or 4S store in a timely manner. Always check the tire pressure, especially before driving on the highway. Large trucks shall not be continuous for too long. 3.6 the main castings of the testing machine shall be subject to aging treatment after rough machining. They can run at a high speed for a long time. They can park in the rest area properly to cool the tires, which is particularly important in summer. In addition, it is necessary to avoid sharp starting, sharp braking and fast cornering, which will aggravate tire wear and increase instant pressure. Do not roll hard objects on the road to prevent accidents such as tire blowout or spontaneous combustion

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