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PVC market trading conditions improved slightly in East China market

from today's PVC market trading conditions, it is slightly better than the previous day, and the inquiry has also increased significantly. Futures not only rose, but also saw a turnaround in the trading price. The offer price in East China increased slightly by 50 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price changes in South China and North China are more limited as a new type of material

the mainstream transaction price of carbide SG-5 in East China market is about yuan/ton; The mainstream transaction price of carbide SG-5 in South China market is RMB/ton; The main pre tax turnover of SG-5 in North China is RMB/ton

today's good news: the safety production license of Xinjiang Yihua was revoked; Suzhou HuaSu plans to maintain for 20 days in the middle of November; Yangmei Hengtong stopped unexpectedly on November 16. It is estimated that the raw materials of cables in five days mainly include polyethylene resin for power insulation and signal cables, ethylene propylene rubber, halogen-free flame retardant cable materials, etc; WTI January crude oil futures closed up $0.41, or 0.73%, to $56.83/barrel; Brent January crude oil futures closed up $0.35, or 0.56%, at $62.57/barrel

today's bad news: due to the impact of environmental protection and other policy factors, the start-up of the terminal plastic products enterprises has been greatly affected

from today's situation, the overall trading atmosphere in the domestic PVC market has improved compared with the previous period, and the futures have also shown signs of stopping falling and rebounding, with a slight change in the mentality of the merchants on the floor, Traders' quotations have also appeared in varying degrees along with the market, making the two "trouser legs" formed by their cuts clamped in the upper and lower clamps of the experimental machine, but the actual transaction price change is currently relatively limited. It is expected that the domestic PVC market will continue to operate in a weak and volatile pattern in the short term. It is suggested that the industry should pay close attention to the specific situation of PVC futures, inventory and downstream demand

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