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Monitoring and detection technologies are flying together to curb heavy metal pollution in water quality

with the rise of China's economy, we are not only carrying the burden of industrial take-off, but also shouldering a heavier environmental burden! Under the heavy economic pressure for many years, heavy metal water pollution has quietly become an environmental hazard and unspeakable pain in developed regions

the situation of heavy metal pollution in water quality is serious

heavy metal pollution is very easy to harm the aquatic ecosystem, and directly or indirectly affects human health through food chain enrichment. The surface water bodies of some cities in China, including drinking water sources, are polluted by heavy metals; The provinces with serious pollution include Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Gansu, Shaanxi and other provinces; Heavy metals in polluted water mainly include mercury, cadmium, chromium, antimony, arsenic, thallium, copper, lead, etc

people are very concerned about heavy metal pollution in water quality for artificial reasons, including self disassembly or modification, natural wear and tear, mechanical damage, water inflow and fire. In fact, the industry has changed since the introduction of the "strictest environmental protection law in history", and everyone is looking for more appropriate solutions. Until today, heavy metal pollution is still one of the environmental problems that need to be solved urgently

the control of heavy metal water pollution needs to be monitored first.

if you want to control heavy metal polluted water by electromechanical treatment, you still need to monitor the current water quality, in which the heavy metal monitor plays a very important role. The water quality heavy metal monitor can be widely applied to the monitoring of heavy metals in water quality at the wastewater discharge outlet of industrial enterprises, as well as the monitoring of heavy metals in water environment such as rivers and lakes, providing real-time monitoring data for heavy metal pollution in water quality and helping environmental protection

monitoring is an important link in the construction of a unified national ecological environment monitoring standard system. At present, the commonly used monitoring technologies for heavy metals in water quality include colorimetry, anodic stripping and potentiometric titration. The analysis of a large amount of data generated in the process of water quality monitoring can effectively improve the efficiency of water quality monitoring and expand the scope of water quality monitoring. It is also conducive to comprehensively improve the authenticity, accuracy and comparability of environmental monitoring data, and provide an important guarantee for scientific decision-making of environmental management

the prevention and control of heavy metal water pollution also needs detection assistance

the water quality heavy metal detector greatly alleviates the difficulty of water quality detection, can realize the simultaneous analysis of multiple heavy metal elements, ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment, and can accurately measure the heavy metal elements in various water quality; At the same time, the patented liquid path system will not block the water collection pipeline, and the maintenance is less

with the increasing severity of heavy metal pollution in water bodies and the irreparable harm caused by heavy metal pollutants entering the ecosystem, it is becoming more and more understood and valued by people. In view of the importance and urgency of heavy metal ion detection and analysis, the development of portable, intelligent and easy to detect instruments is one of the main directions in the field of analysis

the continuous innovation of monitoring and detection technology has brought new methods to prevent and control heavy metal water pollution. It can be predicted that a national environmental monitoring network focusing on pollution source monitoring has been formed. During the "13th five year plan", China will continue to focus on improving environmental quality as the core of environmental protection planning, bringing milestone development opportunities for Roell korthaus to receive Amsler's heavy metal water quality monitoring and detection field

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